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Pard Lode
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Special/Editorial Correspondence
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The Mining and Scientific Press. Volume: 94 [XCIV], Issue No. 4
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January 26, 1907
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Homestake Properties Leased
Cripple Creek, Colorado.
graphic for visual presentation of textHomestake Mills Leased.
graphic for visual presentation of text A five-year lease has recently been granted to the Phoenix Leasing Co. by A. W. Grant, receiver of the Cripple Creek Homestake Mining & Milling Co., on the Ironclad, Annex, and Pard claims, and the larger of the two Homestake mills.
graphic for visual presentation of text Mining operations will be started at once. It is expected that the mill will be overhauled and put in shape for the hauling of ore by March. The royalties range from 5 to 20 %.
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graphic for visual presentation of text About 12 months ago a similar lease was granted on the Magna Charta and Quartzite claims and the smaller mill, to the Ironclad Leasing Co. This mill has a capacity of 150 tons per day and has been operated very successfully during the last year.
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