Virtual (Trainz):
Last updated: 17 March, 2013 14:06

Hi and welcome to the less used part of my website. From years back it has only held some bits and pieces, and as of this writing in March 2013 it is not going to change much either, sadly.

When I first got into virtual modelling using a computer program called Trainz many years back I was coming from a model railroading background and had high dreams about what I wanted to do in terms of modeling the Cripple Creek District.

Now a days with many years passed I realize that my scope and interest has changed more into a researcher, collector perspective then a modeler, and I doubt I ever will get much done in terms of modeling unless life drastically changes.

These pages in here was meant to be used to show new models and such, but for now it will only hold old models and projects as I hardly work on anything new these days.

And, not all models is Cripple Creek related, some is related to the Gilpin County further north in Colorado and some is either pure fictional or only based on some real life stuff barely.

I did back in 2003-2005 lot of work on models for a Virtual Model of the Gilpin Tram that was a 2-foot railroad from Blackhawk to the hills around Central City, Colorado, and most of my modeling seemed to be around that project, a proud moment in my life.

I also did some of the models done in the Northbay Project with Trainz Narrowgaugers for inclusion in TRS2006, now a real old Trainz version...

My own route related to the Cripple Creek District took a nose diver years back when I was forced to lower the whole map by 1500 meter as the Trainz program has a stupid 3000 meter limit, and I have never fully recovered from that and lost most interest to work on the map.

I have in the following years, once every year it seems, done some work on reworking a DEM (Digital Elevation Model) map to fit what an old topographic map from 1903 tells the area to be like, but it has turned into a nightmare as I seem unable to only fix parts of the info making up the digital ground info and no program has really been able to be used to change around the needed lines.

So I been on and off working adding in a large area, as the Cripple Creek District is a mining area, lot of the ground has changed a lot over the years, and with today's Open Pit it changes even more and I want to set it back to how it looked around 1905...

I really need to spend time learning a new modeling tool called Blender as the work I done was done in a ancient program called gmax, and while I been playing around in its Big Brother 3dsmax, that program is way to pricey for me so today I loose out on lot of new ways to do things.