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Last updated: 8 August, 2022 9:07

Thank you for clicking into my donation/help me page, I been doubtful for adding the donation part of it, but decided to at least give it a chance as I might be lucky and someone reading this website would feel it might be worth donating something, whether it be info, money, time or something else.


  • I am always looking for photographs related to the District, wether it is of Mines, Mills, Samplers, houses, structures, trains, or any other subjects I may have left out.
  • Of particular interest is any views & texts in relationship to the Woods Investment Company of Victor, Colorado, and their holdings.
  • I'm always searching for info and views of the Economic Mill in Eclipse or Arequa Gulch, run by the Economic Gold Extraction Company.
  • Same with any views, info, text in relationship to the Gold Coin Mine in Victor, Colorado and the tunnel connecting the Economic Mill with the Gold Coin mine.
  • Tunnel was known as the Victor-Columbine, or Columbine-Victor, or possible just Columbine tunnel. Or also as the United Mines Transportation Company, or just United Mines Transportation Tunnel.
  • Also, anyone have any info about a mine locomotive from the Morgan Electric Machine Company is of big interest to me, especially as it is the motive power in the above mention tunnel.
  • I have a love for the smaller mining companies in the District, those who never made it big, their histories, their images, their legacy speaks to my mind, got stories, text, images to share, sell, let me know, please. smile
  • If you have any maps, drawings, Blue Prints, prospects, and think they need a new home, let me know. animated wink
  • In terms of my Virtual Projects, if your good at Trainz scripting and would like to help me out there, please contact me. smile
  • Same if you love making virtual Train models, and is looking for projects. animated wink


Times are hard for us all I think and while that makes it extra hard to ask, any money donations to run/drift this site and info gathering would be very welcoming, so in case you feel you can help out, please click on any of the PayPal links or buttons you see on this page. animated wink

But just as nice, great, cool is the more important parts of life, the ones that can not be measured in money! Like for instance, if you have any comments to my site, you can for instance try use my guest book setup through my blog, share it as an direct email, or use the form below here to give me some feedback or info that way.

Of course, if you have some info you felt was suited and worth my attention, if you would share that with me I would be very happy for that type of donation. Same if you feel for donating of your time to do research for me, or modeling for me, or any other thing that could sort of be given - and not sold animated smile - please contact me.
-> I would of course be willing to pay for stuff, please contact me either through form below giving a valid email address or email me if you have something for sale you think I might be interested in.

For me it is nice to know that people find this site useful or better, interesting, and while I see on my bank account the hard reality of trying to find as much info as possible, and share it with you, the reader, I hate begging for any donations at all, but I'm not going to turn them down either if anybody feel for giving me some sort of a gift. animated smile

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If you feel you have some info that might be useful for me/this page/other visitors, you have two options to share this with us.

One is to use the below form, or you might just email it to me by the contact info found on bottom of most pages. Please start your email with info_ or something as I'm hit with a lot of Spam on that address.

Of course, if you have any images or files to send me, you better of emailing me direct - or use the form to ask me to email you (just make sure you give me an valid email then...Animated Graphic of a smile)

Thank you.

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