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The Short Line Blue Book, August 1911

This Book is mostly in good shape, all pages still connected, hold together by staples that has slight evidence of rust. No tears but it has spots/stains, especially in the first part, and has what I would call "been in used" marks. Front and back cover has some small spots where the blue color is lost, some traces of corner folds and paper has extra fold at center where the staples are, and, there is slight hints of the starting of larger holes around the staples.

The Book consist of 68 pages including the front and back pages, but only 64 of them is numbered. This issue is Volume 12, Number 8, and contains pages of ads, various railroads timetables, images and text for not only the Short Line, but most of the larger area extending to all of Colorado for some pieces of info.

The views are mostly from along the Short Line trip, and is for the most part the same used over and over in the various issues of the Short Line Blue Book, but there are other views to, mostly from ads or to try showcase nice scenery among the text pieces to tell of various sights. Quality on the images are not the best due to the 'printed on paper' nature of them and the use of not the highest quality paper.

I hope you enjoy sort of reading this book by browsing these images, as I do find enjoyment in the fact that I am able to share it here for all to see/find smile

-> Pieces from this book might appear in other sections of my site as text info.

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