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Seeing Cripple Creek, January 1904 - Volume 2, Issue 2

This book is in what I would consider to be mostly in a OK shape, but it has edge damages with missing paper. There is a near hole on the backside where something has stuck to the page, making part of the page missing its content, some indication of water damage and some rust around the staples, most visible on the middle pages. Some folds and stains and so on also appears around on pages, but that is more of what I would call "been in use" marks. Front has a hole in it also, near upper right.

This issue of the Seeing Cripple Creek series is Volume 2, Number 2, and contains 52 pages with the covers, mostly numbered, starting from page 3 till page 50. The pages are filled with ads, various articles and images; not only about the District, but also extending to all of Colorado for some pieces of info.

The views are mostly related to the District, and many appears to be used over and over in the various issues of the Seeing Cripple Creek books, but at least one new image per issue seems to be the norm. Many views show mines of the area I never seen as images before. The quality of the views can be bad due to the paper and size which when it is small makes some of the views not very useful due to the way that are made up of dots because of the printing process, but overall I've been satisfied with this book series in terms of the images.

This particular edition had for me and my interest, at the time I got hold of it, several new "not seen before" images so this issue was a good one!

I hope you enjoy sort of reading this book by browsing these images, as I do find enjoyment in the fact that I am able to share it here for all to see/find. animated smile After all, these books can be quite hard to find, and expensive! This issue though was among the cheaper ones as it did cost me USD 75.00 plus shipping to Norway through a friend as it was a US-only listing on eBay back in middle of April 2016

-> Pieces from this book can be found under my Main Page under those containing articles published about the area.

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