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This view is also an artistic rendering of the area near Rock Creek Loop. Sort of a continuation of the last image scene. The whole scene is somewhat exaggerated, but you get a good look at the area from sort of a Bird's Eye view.

At the lower left you see the track coming in a loop up from Tunnel No. 6 which is down at the right hand corner way out of sight. Then it enters into Tunnel No. 7 as drawn in lower left corner and climbing uphill, mostly out of sight, towards Tunnel No. 8 which is what you see the track in lower right hand corner is coming out from.

You also see how the track continues upward to the left and curving it self more towards middle of image and finally leaving the image near upper left corner.

Looking at the right hand side of the image, you see the Plains in upper right hand corner, and how the Short Line is twisting and turning and climbing up passed the St. Peter's Dome near middle and top of image, coming into view at a grand trestle and into a hidden Tunnel No. 6. Quite a dramatic view I would say.

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