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Seven Falls and South Cheyenne Canon

This old folder is in quite good shape, and is an old souvenir folder with hand colored pictures from an unknown timeframe. This folder is about views in the South Cheyenne Canon & at Seven Falls, both near/at Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs and Manitou, the greatest of the Worlds health and pleasure resorts, are famous, not only for their climate, but also for the wealth of scenic wonders by which they are environed, and which annually draw thousands of tourists and pleasure seekers from every quarter of the globe. The great Pikes Peak rears its snowy summit in the midst of strange rock formations, mighty canons and sparkling mineral springs.

In this region of world-wide wonder and charm there is no spot more picturesque, beautiful and awe-inspiring, than the famous Seven Falls and South Cheyenne Canon. Here are miles of massive walls of richly-colored granite rising from the murmuring stream almost perpendicular to the sky above.

Their bold and rugged cliffs and pinnacles are split and broken by the never-ending battle with the elements; their lofty domes and towers standing alone and unsupported after centuries of upheavel and commotion, inconceivable to man, end in a magnificent and most impressive climax at the wonderful Seven Falls where Nature outdoes herself in a grand display of mighty cliffs and rushing waters.

Climb the stairway to the top of Seven Falls. Here the canon opens into a beautiful valley with numerous waterfalls and shady places. This will also enable you to view the scenery from above, especially from Inspiration Point, just beyond the grave of Helen Hunt Jackson, which is one mile above Seven Falls, thus perfecting your view of this tremendous gorge, the surrounding mountain peaks and the plains as far as the eye can reach.

Helen Hunt Jackson, one of America's famous novelists and poets, was born at Amherst, Mass., on Oct. 18th, 1831, and died at San Francisco on Aug. 12th, 1885. At her request her body was brought to Colorado Springs and laid to rest just above Seven Falls beneath the wind blown pines on the beautiful sun-kissed slopes of Cheyenne Mountain in South Cheyenne Canon.

It was her desire that tourists visiting her grave should deposit two stones on the mound that forms her monument and take away one as a souvenir. Many of her most beautiful poems were composed on Point Inspiration in sight of and but a short distance from her grave.

Hope you enjoy these pictures, even if the quality is not at all like what we are used with today with moving images, vivid sharp colors and soon 3D views on our screens... LOL I found this a fun little trip into a place I've yet to experience, and is happy to share here for all to see and find!

Enjoy this little trip back to yesterday!

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