Library/Reading list:
Last updated: 23 January, 2013 18:46

This part of my site holds overviews over my own library of books, videos and other materials of interest to the area. This is true for both general stuff, more detailed stuff, and of course the railroads of the Cripple Creek District!

It all can be viewed from this pages, all you need is to click on the link at the left that interest you. smile

The "Known Books" link will give you a large list sorted into various categories over all known (to books out there about the area, not only the Cripple Creek District, but also the Pikes Peak area. Use it as a suggested reading list, or maybe it can help you in building your own collection of related "information holders".

The "My Printed Stuff" is more or less same as above, but is only showing what I own in my own collection. My Ego likes to show off a little... animated smile

Should you know about anything printed of this area that is not listed in the "Known Books" but that you think should be in there, please let me know.

Same if you happen to have something for sale that I don't have but you think I should have... animated smile

The "Scanned Items" is where you will find links to pictures in my collection, either as small books or booklets, brochures, souvenir folders, other stuff I feel I can or should share - and as I scan things and my collection grows so will that list grow until I one day run out of place and have to remove some things. animated smile

The "Known Videos" is as with the book list, an overview of all the known moving images I know about that has info about this area.

Also listed here (or at left...) is links to other websites where you might find useful/interesting information about this area.

Should you wonder if I have other books/stuff in my collection, I do, so if you thought yes, your correct! animated smile Those you will find here. smile