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Gold King [aka El Paso Gold King]
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Info Last updated: 11.11.2021 (16:51:32)
Sadly, this photo has not had the best meeting with time, it has darkened itself, and turned a darker brown with details lost forever. The plate it is glued to has also been cracked/split and overall it is not a good photo, but it might have been at one time. Backside only have the words ''Cripple Creek Co; Circa 1901; Gold King Mine; RSX98'', no names of the miners posing here.
   The Gold King Shaft house is the earlier edition before they put up the higher cupola over the larger Head/Gallows-Frame they put in at an unknown time, possible around October 1900 as I have seen it reported they closed the mine to put in a new plant that would be a duplicate of one that recently was placed in the Strong mine. I've also seen a postcard with preprinted 190 for the Date with the larger tower in place so I would guess this photo to be from no later than late summer 1900, most likely from before that time though.
   There are 3 smokestacks in this photo, I've seen four on the more common views of this mine, I suppose that might also have changed in the October 1900 timeframe. I've also have a stereoview with a copyright Date of 1900 with the larger tower seen, so my guess this is a 189x photograph.
   Beside the many unknown men in this view, there is seen the upper part of the shaft house with its small cupola for light/air use I think, a shed and the power plant structure with its 3 smokestacks and a vent cupola on its rooftop. In addition, part of the orehouse is in lower left corner with a trestle across to the shaft house, but too damaged to make out any details. Same with the Flag hanging from a pole on top of the shaft house, it is too much blurred into the background to stand out.
   I did procure the colored version of this image, if that is what you see. Source was dark grayish, or in common speech black & white. Used an online service and tweaked and worked with image to get what looks best to my eyes at the moment.Gold King - One of the Best Producers in the CC Dist. Miners Posing with Structures in the Background.
Photo by: Unknown [189?]
My Collection; Photographs; cropped from a 300dpi scan, enhanced and colored to try get better details out.
Media ID: 221
Id No. (Mine / 1902 map):
Combination Vertical & Adit Mine
Date Located / Formed:
Womack/Tenderfoot Hill
Location Map Description:
Discovery / Formed by:
    Fate details:
    Owned by:
    • Gold King Mining Company
      -> 1900 [reported As Owner]
    Known claims:
    • El Paso lode - 7377
    • Stop Short lode - 7335
    • Rosetta lode - 8575
    • Triangle lode - 8740
    • Sundown lode - 9593
    • E.C.L. & F. lode - 8833
    • Lookout lode - 8833
    • Jim Blaine lode - 7419 [part of]
    Location Claim Description:
    Patented Date:
    Mineral Certificate No.:
    General Land Office No.:
    Known Transportation Connection:
      Extra Info/Details [Linked at One Time to the Entity]:

      Known Producing Info:
      June 1892 Regular shipments
      General notes:
      I have used the 1900 Manual Book by Hills to put all claims listed as own by the company at that time under this mine name.