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Akron Weekly Pioneer Press 14.06.1895 Volume: Issue: 0
Page: 4 [Article]: Anchor No.1

  In the Cutcher lease on the Anchor No.1, a well defined vein has been exposed three feet between walls. The pay streak runs from $40 to $65 to the ton.
  This was struck at 25 feet.

Aspen Daily Times 31.12.1895 Volume: Issue: 306
Page: 5 [Mining Notes]: Anchoria-Leland

  The Anchoria-Leland shipments for December will probably reach $70,000 gross.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 18.01.1896 Volume: Issue: 3
Page: 69 [General Mining News]: Anchor

  The Anchor - This mine on Gold Hill, owned by the Anchoria Leland Company, is a steady shipper. The company have commenced to sink a new working shaft directly south of the Hight Lease. The shaft will be sunk perpendicularly, and expect to strike the vein at depth of 500 ft.
  The Hight & Maloney lease on the vein are still doing well, but the Airheart Lease is without ore at present. The shaft has been sunk 360 ft., and is still being sunk by 12 men in anticipation of soon striking an ore shoot, all the ore shoots on this vein dip north.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 15.02.1896 Volume: Issue: 7
Page: 165 [General Mining News]: Anchoria Leland

  This property is on Gold Hill, and the new shaft is being equipped with a temporary steam hoist, when better progress will be made in the sinking of the shaft. At present the shaft is only 50 ft. deep, it being the intention to sink 500 ft. before intersecting the vein.
  The Hight lease is making its usual shipments. The Maloney lease is just now in poor ground. The vein is 7.5 ft. wide, with two well defined walls: but the vein matter is largely a disintegrated quartz, in some places it can be shovelled out and assaying only from $6 to $8 per ton.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 22.02.1896 Volume: Issue: 8
Page: 188 [General Mining News]: Anchoria Leland Mine

  The Chance mine, owned by the Anchoria Leland Mining Company on Gold Hill, is doing well and employs 32 men. At the 200 ft. level, a vein was found this week from which only one assay was taken across the vein, for 18 in. wide, which assayed, only one sample being taken, 49.5 oz. or $988.50 per ton. The vein appears to be taking a southeasterly direction.
  The Hight lease, on the Anchor claim, owned by the same company, is making its regular shipment and gives employment to 26 men.
  The Maloney lease is not doing quite so well. The vein is well defined, but carries little value.
  The Airheart lease has been idle several weeks on account of some real or fancied difficulties between the owners, but will resume work at once, a new company having purchased the lease which expires on the 1st May next.
  The City View is also owned by the Anchoria Leland Company and is being worked by the Arnold Company, who have sunk a shaft 196 ft. deep, and are taking out considerable ore from the bottom levels.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 28.03.1896 Volume: Issue: 13
Page: 308 [General Mining News]: Anchoria Leland Mining Company

  The Chance on Gold Hill, owned by the Anchoria Leland Mining Company, is doing well and never yielded as much ore as at present. Thirty-six men are employed.
  On the Chance ground the shoot of ore has been proved to be over 200 ft. long, and has been stoped for over 200 ft. in height, with good bodies of ore. At the bottom of the 250-ft. level the vein varies from two to seven ft. in width, and averages by carload lots from 3 to 5 oz. per ton.
  The Anchoria Leland Company is erecting a substantial plant for the new shaft which is now 170ft. deep, two boilers of 80 H.P.

  The new machinery will be in working order on or about May 1st next, at the time when all the leases expire. At the depth of 160 ft. a stringer 12 in. wide came in the shaft from the east which assayed 10 and 12 oz.
  At the depth of 300 ft. the first station will be cut, and a short crosscut extended to the vein, and levels extended both north and south the full 700 ft. which the company owns on the vein. The company is prepared to sink a shaft 1,000 or 1,500 ft. irrespective of the productiveness or otherwise of the veins.
  The output of Gold Hill has fallen off, and the same remark applies to Battle Mountain, but the output of the other hills have increased though not to the extent that the former two have decreased.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 13.06.1896 Volume: Issue: 24
Page: 572 [General Mining News]: Anchoria Leland

  A new shaft on Gold Hill has now been sunk 400 ft. This is the best piece of shaft sinking that has been done in the camp. The shaft was commenced on January 16th last. It being a three-compartment shaft and size of timbers 10 x 12. The plant when in working order will be the best though not the largest in the camp.
  It consists of two 2 x 80 H. P. boilers, hand-made, a Corliss hoisting engine, a large size compressor, etc. The mine is yielding well. The output for May was 300 tons.

The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 15.11.1896 Volume: Issue: 4
Page: 7 [General Mining News]: Anchoria-Leland

Cripple Creek Mail:
  The Anchoria-Leland for September produced between 400 and 500 tons of ore, the value of which ranges from three to five ounces. The month's output will average fully $45,000.

The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 15.01.1897 Volume: Issue: 8
Page: 8 [General Mining News]: Output of the Anchoria-Leland Mine for 1896

Cripple Creek Mail:
  The Anchoria-Leland Mine, one of the leading Cripple Creek Mines, employing 95 men, did output for 1896 a total of 4,718 tons at a Gross Value of $305,103.

The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 15.04.1897 Volume: Issue: 2
Page: 13 [General Mining News]: Anchoria-Leland

  In an upraise from the 270-foot level of the Anchoria-Leland shaft, a fine body of 20-ounce ore has been found in the Mattie L. vein where it crosses the Chance ground.

Colorado State Mining Directory, 1898 - Buyer's Guide to Representative Mining Machinery and Supply Houses of America 1898 Volume: Issue: 0
Page: 189 [Mine Info]: Anchoria-Leland

Principal Producing Cripple Creek Mines - 1898:

Name:                        Anchoria-Leland
Owner:                        Anchoria-Leland Mining and Milling Co.
Capital:                $600,000
President:                Irving W. Howbert
Secretary:                F. H. Gay
Superintendent:        Peter Murcray
Manager:                C. W. Howbert
Description:                shafts; steam
Employes:                eighty employes
Contact:                postoffice, Cripple Creek.

The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 01.03.1898 Volume: Issue: 11
Page: 14 [General Mining News]: Anchoria-Leland

Mining Investor:
  About 150 tons of smelting ore left the Anchoria-Leland properties last week. The grade is remaining about the same.

Morning Times 23.07.1899 Volume: Issue: 200
Page: 4 [Personals]: Mr. C.W. Howbert Accident

  The many friends of Mr. C.W. Howbert were sorry to hear of the accident which befel him last Sunday at the Anchoria-Leland. Fortunately it was not very serious and he is able to be around once more.

The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 15.12.1900 Volume: Issue: 6
Page: 96 [Trade Notices]: Anchoria-Leland Mine

  Smith & Thompson, manufacturers of fine assay balances at 2219 Stout St., Denver, Colo., have recently placed their balances with the Anchoria-Leland Mine, in addition to many others houses.

Mining Reporter 23.11.1905 Volume: Issue: 21
Page: 528 [Mining News]: Anchoria-Leland

  E. J. Knight of Colorado Springs has purchased the dump at this property and agrees to the removal of all of the material, aggregating 50,000 tons.
  Mr. Knight pays the Anchoria-Leland company $1 per ton, and will ship the ore to the Economic mill, where it will be treated.

Mining Reporter 24.05.1906 Volume: Issue: 21
Page: 522 [Mining News]: Anchoria-Leland

  Lessees Crandell & Co., operating on the 200-foot level, are shipping from a 3-foot ore body, which is returning between three and four ounces gold in carload lots.

Mineral Resources of the United States 1907 Volume: Issue: 0
Page: 240 [General Mining News]: Anchoria-Leland

  During 1906, large gains in production were made in the Anchoria-Leland.

Mining Reporter 02.05.1907 Volume: Issue: 18
Page: 406 [Mining News]: Anchoria-Leland

  The Anchoria-Leland property is maintaining regular shipments from the various leases, and giving good returns to the operators.

The Mining World 18.01.1908 Volume: Issue: 3
Page: 115 [Mining News]: Anchoria-Leland

  Whipp Bros. & Benton have made another shipment of 2-oz. ore from the Anchoria-Leland on Globe hill. The mineral was broken from a 3-ft. vein at a depth of 400 feet.
  The lessees are making regular consignments of mineral.

Mining Science 16.04.1908 Volume: Issue: 16
Page: 393 [Mining News]: Anchoria-Leland

  Good results are being obtained by leasers at the Anchoria-Leland property. The company is operating on the fourth level, taking out some high-grade ore.

Mining Science 04.06.1908 Volume: Issue: 23
Page: 538 [Mining News]: Anchoria-Leland

  Shipments are being made from the old dump of the Anchoria-Leland on Gold hill, at the rate of one carload per day. It is estimated that the dump contains about 10,000 tons of ore which can be shipped at a profit.

The Sun 10.08.1908 Volume: Issue: 345
Page: 7 [Article]: Anchoria-Leland

Colorado Springs, Aug. 4. - The Johnson lease on the Anchoria-Leland mine, Cripple Creek, is in a three foot vein of $40 to $60 ore.
  Five sets of lessees on this property are shipping.

Mining Science 24.09.1908 Volume: Issue: 13
Page: 257 [Mining News]: Anchoria-Leland

  The entire output of the Anchoria-Leland amounted to about 60 cars during the month of August. This ore carried values of about $10 per ton.

The Western Investors Review 03.1909 Volume: Issue: 9
Page: 21 [Mines and Mining]: Anchoria-Leland

  Two more cars of ore have been sent to Colorado City from the Anchoria Leland mine on Gold hill.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 04.12.1909 Volume: Issue: 23
Page: 1138 [General Mining News]: Anchoria-Leland

  This property is regaining its former prestige from the results of the lessees. Daily shipments are made of $60 ore.

Mining and Engineering World [former Mining World] 04.11.1911 Volume: Issue: 19
Page: 926 [General Mining News]: Muckerman Leasing Company on the Anchoria-Leland

  The Muckerman Leasing Co. of St. Louis, operating the Midget Bonanza and Anchoria-Leland properties on Gold hill, has let a contract for 300 ft. of drifting and raising on the Barbee vein, which
traverses both properties.

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