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Lee Mine {aka Lee Shaft; Lee-Isabella; Isabella Mine}
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Cropped view of the Isabella Mine's Lee Shaft Operations 1934-ish style in foreground, with whatever operations is done at the Victor Mine in the background, where a dump and a crib-wall is seen along the skyline just up from the Lee shaft ore-bin. The old mainline of the Golden Circle 3-foot narrow gauge used to run on the right-hand side of that cribbing, but that been standard gauged by the Midland Terminal many years previous.
   The Lee Shaft/bins is served by a side-spur in a switchback type of run down from the old Golden Circle mainline, but by now standard gauged by the M.T. as before mentioned. First leg of the switchback is seen behind the headframe on the right-hand side of this view, about 1/3 up from bottom, and is going down from right to left, and then the lower leg of it can be seen coming in from left-hand side about 1/5 up from bottom, where it goes down to the Ore-bin seen left of the Headframe.Cropped View of North Slope of Bull Hill - Showing Isabella & Victor Mine Properties with Bull Cliffs at Upper Right
Photo by: Harry L. Standley [1934]
My Collection; Photographs, cropped from a 600dpi scan.
Media ID: 250
Id No. (Mine / 1902 map):
Date Located / Formed:
09.05.1892 (Date of Amended Location Certificate)
Bull Hill
Location Map Description:
Discovery / Formed by:
  • R.W. McGee ( Info From Claim/Survey Map )
  • et al. (and Others) ( Info From Claim/Survey Map )
Destroyed in Open Pit
Fate details:
Owned by:
  • R.W. McGee
    -> 1893-10-16 [claim Map]
  • Isabella Gold Mining Company
    -> 1900 [reported As Owner]
  • Isabella Mines Company
    -> 1903-10-17 [reported as Consolidated Into]
Known claims:
  • Lee lode - 7480
Claim Links:
Location Claim Description:
Patented Date:
Mineral Certificate No.:
General Land Office No.:
Known Transportation Connection:
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    General notes:
    I'm pretty sure this would also go under the name of the Isabella Mine, at least all pictures I've seen of the Isabella Mine has it laying right on the spot where this mine is located on my map - where this name and number is taken from. I also seen same mine structures named as Lee Shaft or Lee Mine, also as Lee-Isabella, so this mine has many names and is a complicated one to research as very often the mine news only talks about the Isabella mine and the Isabella mine contains many claims and other mines over the years, some of them shown as separate mines on my 1902 topographic map that I have used as a starting point of this overview over claims and mines in the District…