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Morning Glory
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Card has a bad curve to it making it a little bit hard to scan as it will not lay flat. It also has lot of scratches and damages from time can be seen, but I've managed to get this cropped view of what I believe to be the early workings of the Morning Glory Mine on Raven Hill. Sadly, it is very dark, and not sharp at all, but I think the text on the side of the structure just above the small ore-house near lower right corner say something along the lines of "Work M & M Co." on upper line and "Shaft No. 3" on the bottom line", and by August/September 1900 the hillside just behind it will hold the mine structures I associate with the Morning Glory with a large Head-frame and support structures and the Low Line will run just below it, and soon thereafter the named structure in this view will be gone, replaced by a large dump. The house on the left will stand for longer time, as it seems to be in many views.
As already mention, while this image is copyrighted 1901 it can't have been photographed that year as there were no sign of the Low Line grade which was built in 1900 as rails reached Victor by September 7, and I have a photo (DB-ID#145), showing the Low Line roadbed without any tracks on them. Add to that, an email friend told me that the F. &. C.C. Boxcars and the 4-6-0 locomotive seen on the full-size image, was starting to get delivered from April 1899, hence this view has a narrow timeframe to it. Those facts combined with no signs of the huge Mary McKinney crib-wall along the F. & C.C. roadbed on the full image (just a smaller one closer to the mine) or as in this cropped view here, no view of the new main shaft of the Morning Glory (which seems to have been a combine shaft for several mines to work through), all these pieces make me estimate the date to Summer 1899 as a baseline, but if you know better, please let me know!Morning Glory Mine; Cropped From Anaconda, Colorado, the Centre of the Cripple Creek Gold Mining District. [Copyright 1901 by R.Y. Young]
Photo by: R.Y. Young (?) [189?]
My Collection; Stereoviews, cropped & tried enhances from a 2400dpi scan of the left-hand side of the card.
Media ID: 219
Id No. (Mine / 1902 map):
Date Located / Formed:
16.11.1892 (Date of Amended Location Certificate)
Raven Hill
Location Map Description:
Discovery / Formed by:
  • Work Mining and Milling Company ( Info From Claim/Survey Map )
Fate details:
Owned by:
  • Work Mining and Milling Company
    -> 1893-04-18 [claim Map]
Known claims:
  • Morning Glory lode - 8048
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