General/Base Info:
Katinka [aka Chicken Hawk Mine]
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Info Last updated: 29.05.2017 (15:04:03)
Id No. (Mine / 1902 map):
Group of Mines
Date Located / Formed:
Guyot Hill
Location Map Description:
Discovery / Formed by:
    Fate details:
    Owned by:
    • Katinka Gold Mining Company
      -> 1900-xx-xx [reported As Owner]
    Known claims:
    • Ka Tinka lode - 8334
    • August Flower lode - 8334
    • Chicken Hawk lode - 8334
    • Hobo lode - 8380
    • Ka Tinka lode - 11292
    Location Claim Description:
    Patented Date:
    Mineral Certificate No.:
    General Land Office No.:
    Known Transportation Connection:
      Extra Info/Details [Linked at One Time to the Entity]:

      Known Producing Info:
      General notes:
      This mine is a complicated one in the terms there are two claims called Ka Tinka, laying more or less on top of each other, one with same Survey Number (MS-8334) as two other claims which is part of this mine/company, but the other claim named the same and bearing the MS-11292 number, has a person name attached to it self that is at least in 1900 associated with the Katinka Gold Mining Company, making it hard to tell, did they relocate the claim, what happen there, do the company owns both, or is there two mines named the same at the same location?
      graphic for visual presentation of text But whatever that story is, those claims them self is not where the marked mine is located, as that see, to be on either the August Flower claim or on the Hobo claim, a little bit depending on if I look at my old 1902 topo-map or an 1950's topo-map, both placed the best I can into the computer program/game called Trainz, and comparing those with photo-views as I have the hills and valleys of the District in Trainz where I have used the claims overview seen on Google maps when zoomed close in to help localize stuff.