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Gold Dollar
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This view looking north east from a place just south and west for the surface structures of the Gold Dollar Mine on Beacon Hill, also shows the valley Arequa was in, with Guyot Hill prominent in the background and several other mines seen. But of course, I wish this was a true photograph, because then I would most likely been able to better get a view of the finer details lost in this view here. There are several things of interest, from a better look at the Gold Dollar in the foreground with its dump, to the Elkton Mine seen about 1/3 from top and about 1/3 in from right-hand side with its huge dumps, to the railroad lines running passed it, or many of the other mines hinted in this view. But sadly, this is what I have, where someone took a photo of a printed source somewhere, and I ended up getting my hand on that negative of that photo years later.Gold Dollar Mine, Cripple Creek, Now a Steady Dividend Payer.
Photo by: Unknown
My Collection; Negative from unknown printed source.
Media ID: 215
Id No. (Mine / 1902 map):
Date Located / Formed:
Beacon Hill
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Discovery / Formed by:
    Fate details:
    Owned by:
    • Gold Dollar Mining Company
      -> 1901-01 [reported As Owner]
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        It appears this mine has no claim per say, laying inside the Arequa Townsite area, I only been able to see an area marked in the 1900 Hills Manual of it, page 302, where it is shown next to the Mabel M. Group. There is a Gold Dollar claim a little bit further south, but that seem to be a different mine, part of the Gould group…