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Uinta Tunnel [Aka Uintah Tunnel]
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   This view is of the surface structures of the Uinta Tunnel in Eclipse Gulch going into the northwest slope of Battle Mountain. The adit portal is scene just beyond the American Flag near left side. While the quality of this view is not so great, is still gives info about how the area was, and more importantly, some of the structures that appeared at this Adit type of a mine.
   There are three large structures, a shed and at least one water tank. One of the large structures is a power house and probably a compressor plant – with a horse driven off-loading of coal on the side towards the photographer. No railroad ever came to this spot so this was a horse wagon type operation to get ore out, material supplies in, down the valley at right, I believe, as that leads down to a M.T. spur.Uinta Tunnel
Photo by: Unknown
My Collection; From page 21 of the booklet "Gold Fields of Cripple Creek - Pan American Expo 1901" by the Woods Investment Company.
Media ID: 28
This appears to be an early view of the Uinta Tunnel operation, there are three structures visible and a water tank. Also from this view it appears they used animals to drag a small train of ore cars out of the tunnel, not able to tell if it was mules or horses from this view though.Uinta Tunnel - Early View
Photo by: Unknown
My Collection; Digital file bought from Shawn Larson at Denver Stock Exchange in 2008.
As this is a digital file bought from Shawn Larson at Denver Stock Exchange, I would say he holds the copyright to this view.
Media ID: 29
Id No. (Mine / 1902 map):
Adit Mine
Date Located / Formed:
Eclipse Gulch [aka Requa Gulch] / Battle Mountain
Location Map Description:
Discovery / Formed by:
    Fate details:
    Owned by:
    • S.P. Chalfaut
      -> 1894-12-20 [claim Map]
    • et al. (and Others)
      -> 1894-12-20 [claim Map]
    • James Doyle
      -> 1898-xx-xx [reported as Owner]
    • Battle Mountain Consolidated Gold Mines Company
      -> 1900 [reported As Owner]
    • Battle Mountain Consolidated Gold Mining Company
      -> 1901-01 [reported As Owner]
    Known claims:
    • Uinta Tunnel Lode No. 1 Lode - 9185
    Claim Links:
    Location Claim Description:
    Patented Date:
    Mineral Certificate No.:
    General Land Office No.:
    Known Transportation Connection:
      Extra Info/Details [Linked at One Time to the Entity]:
      Adit/Tunnel, Air Drill & Air Compressor
      Known Producing Info:
      General notes:
      Plat Map is interesting in the fact that it is showing the Uinta Tunnel northwest, down the hill, of the Discovery Point. The Tunnel is shown with a drift, and goes into the Eclipse ground.