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Mining and Scientific Press 02.02.1907 Volume: Issue: 5
Page: 140 [Special Correspondence]: Sinking the Portland Shaft.

  The Portland Gold Mining Co. is considering the sinking of its No. 2 shaft on Battle mountain. The present depth is 1,100 ft. and it will be sunk another 100 ft.; then a drift will be run to connect with the winze from the 1,100-ft. level.
Good ore was obtained for nearly the entire depth of 100 ft. in sinking the winze. An air-driven hoist is being used in sinking the shaft.

Mining and Engineering World [former Mining World] 25.11.1911 Volume: Issue: 22
Page: 1084 [General Mining News]: Portland No. 2 Shaft

  The water is now 30 ins. above the floor of the station in the 1500-ft. or deepest level of No. 2 shaft of the Portland. At the present rate of recession the company will soon be able to enter and work the great body of ore which was opened there before water compelled suspension.

Mining Science 30.05.1912 Volume: Issue: 1 688
Page: 487 [a35] [Mining News]: Portland No. 2 Shaft

  Preparations are being made at the Portland No. 2 shaft for sinking.  The shaft is already down 1,500 ft., but with the water level lowering steadily, and now some 70 ft. below the deepest workings of the big Battle Mountain mine, it is proposed to sink an additional 100 ft.

Mining Science 06.06.1912 Volume: Issue: 1 689
Page: 506 [a34] [Mining News]: Portland Gold Mining Company No. 2 Shaft

  Sinking is to be resumed at the No. 2 or main shaft of the Portland Gold Mining Co. on or about June 1. Manager Smale is already making ready for the work and the shaft, now 1,600 ft. deep, will be sunk as deep as the water level will permit.

Mining Science 04.07.1912 Volume: Issue: 1 693
Page: 573 [a27] [Mining News]: Portland No. 2 Shaft

  Since starting to sink the No. 2 shaft of the Portland on Battle mountain about 30 ft. has been put down below the 1,500-ft. level.
  Sinking is going on at the rate of 2 ft. a day. The rock is of medium hardness. It will be sunk to a depth of 1,600 ft.

Mining and Scientific Press 18.10.1913 Volume: Issue: 16
Page: 629 [General Mining News]: Hoist Safety Device Tested at Portland No. 2

  The hoist safety device invented by C. R. Welch, of the Portland mine, had a satisfactory test during the past week at No. 2 shaft of that property.
The engine was run 'wild,' but was automatically checked with plenty of spare room.

Mining and Scientific Press 18.10.1919 Volume: Issue: 16
Page: 572 [Review of Mining]: Portland

  The Portland company is cutting a station at the bottom level of No. 2 shaft  on Battle mountain. This is 2283 ft. deep, 152 ft. below the Roosevelt Tunnel level connection with No. 2 shaft.
  The ore-shoot on the No. 2 Portland vein at the tunnel level has been proved for 1200 ft., and driving started south has shown ore still in the face.

Mining and Scientific Press 24.01.1920 Volume: Issue: 4
Page: 128 [Review of Mining]: Portland High-Grade

  The rich sulphide ore opened up at the twenty-third level of the Portland No. 2 shaft, is said by the mine officials to be the richest discovery made in years at this Battle Mountain property. Precautions have been taken to prevent high-grading, as quartz from the core of the vein, containing crystals of calaverite, is worth many dollars per pound.
  Miners are required to use the change room and change even their shoes before leaving the property for their homes.

Mining and Scientific Press 21.02.1920 Volume: Issue: 8
Page: 279 [Review of Mining]: Portland

  The new orebody at the 2300-ft. level of the Portland Gold Mining Co.'s No. 2 shaft on Battle mountain, found in a cross-vein that was entered 100 ft. south of the shaft, contains from 4 to 5 ft. of one-ounce ore. This is the deepest point at which ore has been discovered in the district.
  The rich ore-shoot at the 2100-ft. level is situated more than 2100 ft. beyond former known orebodies, indicating the possibility of finding new ore on other levels.

Mining and Scientific Press 20.03.1920 Volume: Issue: 12
Page: 425 [Review of Mining]: Portland No. 2 Shaft Work on Level 23

  The Portland company reports in sight at the 23rd level of the No. 2 shaft, on Battle mountain, sufficient ore to keep the present force engaged for the next two years. The drift has been extended 500 ft. on the 23rd level, 180 ft. below the Roosevelt tunnel level at 2131 ft., 400 ft. of the drift has been in high-grade ore and the breast is still in the ore-shoot.
  Pumps easily are handling the flow of some 300 gallons per minute. Sinking will soon be resumed and a 200-ft. lift of the 500 ft. proposed will be undertaken when the work starts.

Mining and Scientific Press 30.10.1920 Volume: Issue: 18
Page: 634 [Review of Mining]: No. 2 Shaft at Deepest Workings

  The No. 2 shaft of the Portland Gold Mining Co., on Battle mountain, has attained a depth of 2450 ft. and a station is now being cut at an elevation of 7794 ft., the deepest working in the entire district.
  Ore mined at the level above continues high-grade.

Mining and Scientific Press 04.12.1920 Volume: Issue: 23
Page: 812 [Review of Mining]: No. 2 Shaft of the Portland Gold Mining Company

  The new station at the 2450-ft. level of the No. 2 shaft of the Portland Gold Mining Co., on Battle mountain, is nearing completion, and cross-cutting will shortly commence, to prove the continuation of the rich ore now under development on the two levels above the 21st, corresponding with the Roosevelt tunnel level. Foundation for the hoist, formerly in operation at the Gold Coin shaft of the Granite company at Victor, has been completed.
  A new screening plant is also being installed.

Mining and Scientific Press 19.03.1921 Volume: Issue: 12
Page: 401 [Review of Mining]: Portland No. 2

  High-grade 'picture rock' is daily mined in drifting on the 2450-ft. level of the No. 2 Portland shaft, according to official reports. Both north and south drifts have been carried 100 ft. beyond the station, with both headings in ore. The company also announces the discovery of a vein new to the property at the 1200-ft. level, rich in gold.
  The water is being handled without difficulty, but duplicate electric pumps have been installed to prevent flooding should one pump be out of order. A three car lot shipped as broken from the 2450-ft. level and reported to return $24 per ton.

Mining and Scientific Press 09.04.1921 Volume: Issue: 15
Page: 508 [Review of Mining]: Portland No. 2

  Recent development in the 2350-ft. level in the Portland company's No. 2 shaft, is proving up the deepest and richest gold vein in the State. Mining men declare it is the richest deep gold shoot on record. Mine samples of better than 25 oz. are common, while a rich seam has assayed 60 to 100 oz. gold per ton.
Ore as broken is milling close to $40 gold and it is broken more than eight feet wide in the stopes, according to the statement of miners employed.
  The management is reticent, although admitting the mining of high-grade ore.

Mining and Scientific Press 30.04.1921 Volume: Issue: 18
Page: 612 [Review of Mining]: Portland

  The Portland company is reported as planning the sinking of the No. 2 or Main shaft an additional 300 feet.

Mining and Scientific Press 16.07.1921 Volume: Issue: 3
Page: 99 [Review of Mining]: Portland No. 2

Persistence of rich ore at great depth in the mines of the Cripple Creek district is evidenced by developments in progress at the Portland, Vindicator, and Cresson mines.

  At the Portland No. 2 shaft the orebody at the 24th level has been opened by drifts north and south of No. 2 shaft - 240 ft. north and 170 south. Ore in the north drift has been uniformly of smelting grade. Seventy feet of the south drift has been high-grade, the remainder mill-grade.
  On the 1500-ft. level the Lee shoot has recently been opened with rich ore appearing. The 12th level shoot was 70 ft. long; whereas the newer shoot is not yet proven.

Mining and Scientific Press 03.09.1921 Volume: Issue: 10
Page: 343 [Review of Mining]: Portland Gold Mining Company

  Sinking has been resumed at the No. 2 or main shaft of the Portland Gold Mining Co. on Battle mountain. For safety, a winze was sunk outside the station at the 2450-ft. or bottom level, and at a depth of 15 ft. a cross-cut was carried directly under the shaft, providing 16 ft. of solid rock as a bulkhead. The company's engineer had recommended this plan, as a bulkhead could not have been constructed of sufficient strength to withstand the weight of cable and skips in case of accident.
  The shaft is reported to be comparatively dry, as veins carrying water have dipped out of the shaft. The depth of the present lift will be 200 ft. and the station will be cut at an elevation of 7594 ft., a total depth from the surface at this point of 2650 feet.

Mining and Scientific Press 22.10.1921 Volume: Issue: 17
Page: 582 [Review of Mining]: Portland to Become Deepest in Colorado

  Sinking has been resumed at the Portland company's No. 2 shaft, on Battle mountain. The shaft, now 2450 ft. deep, is to be sunk to 2650 ft. The station will be at an elevation of 7524 ft. and the shaft will then be the deepest in the State.

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