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Mary Cashen
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While the card has a bad curve to it making it a little bit hard to scan as it will not lay flat, with the also issue of a somewhat faded look, I think I've been able to enhance it a little so one gets to see some of the details of the scene to the right of the F. & C.C. Depot in Victor. The full stereoview is an undated view of lots of people gathering around a F. & C.C. passenger train, the eastern part of the roof of the depot can be seen near bottom left. A string of Denver & Rio Grande Passengers cars, drawn by a F. & C.C. can be seen partly along the bottom edge.
View is after the 1899 City fire as the shape of the Depot roof is from the second depot structure, but I see no signs to the Mary Cashen Mine crib-wall holding in their dumps, often seen in many Victor views so it can't be that far after the fire, maybe 1900 or possible a year or two later into the century, hard to tell for sure. But I think the Head-Frame seen near left-hand side of this view is of some prospecting works done on the Mary Cashen before they committed to the one single shaft seen in so many views, same with the smaller shed like structure seen near lower right, I think that is also part of the Mary Cashen and was one of the main reasons I fought hard for this card on eBay in very early January 2017!Mary Cashen Prospecting Works; Cropped From a Scene at the Victor F. & C.C. Depot Area with Passenger Train & Lot of People Around.
Photo by: Unknown
My Collection; Stereoviews, cropped & enhanced from a 1200dpi scan of the right-hand side of the card.
Media ID: 193
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Victor Townsite
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      • Mt. Rosa lode - 7407
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