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Cowboy [aka Cove Boy]
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A view of a head frame and part of a hoist house, with many people of all types posing at the head frame. All these people staked their hopes on this mine, looking at the faces and knowing that I find no or hardly any info about this mine, telling the story about lot of hardship and little gain I presume. It makes me a little sad, but, I am also happy I was able to get this view, it tells a story so common in a mining camp I think.Cove Boy Mine with Family & Miners Posing at Head Frame
Photo by: S.S. Baldwin [18.08.1901]
My Collection; Cropped away the dark cardboard frame.
Media ID: 41
Id No. (Mine / 1902 map):
Date Located / Formed:
Cowan Mountain [west of Grouse Mtn]
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Discovery / Formed by:
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      Known claims:
      • Cove Boy lode - 11438
      • Cove Boy No. 2 lode - 11438
      • Almighty Dollar lode - 11438
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        Vertical Shaft
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        General notes:
        Plain luck made me through eBay see a photo of a mine named pretty much the same as this mine and I just had to win it, being one of the many not so lucky mines in the District, even if this mine is way out of the best known district, and certainly the productive zone, it still helps tell the story sort of, of all the men, and women, that worked hard and never made it big, or even small which I assume is the story of most of them...
        graphic for visual presentation of text I also assume all the claims sharing the Survey Number is associated with this one numbered mine called Cowboy, or Cove Boy as the claims are known as, except the one which is named Almighty Dollar - and for which I found a Patent for in that name, regarding all those three claims it seems. Can not read it, not digitized as per February 2015.
        graphic for visual presentation of text The only shafts shown on the claims are on the Cove Boy lode claim, so I am pretty sure this mine is located on that claim, pretty cool actually I think.
        graphic for visual presentation of text