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Gold and Globe mill [aka Old Gold and Globe Mill]
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This view is from an old Stock paper, but it still shows the old mill in quite a good way. There are two structures, one house or shed up along the road which possible was an Office kind of structure, and the mill itself, in an earlier version then it appeared in an 1896 book. Hence it is sort of an important look at one of the earlier stamp mills that tried to process the Cripple Creek ore rock.Gold and Globe Mill [from a Stock Paper]
Photo by: Unknown
My Collection; Cropped view of the mill taken from a Stock for the "The Cripple Creek Gold Milling Company".
Media ID: 42
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Along Cripple creek, south of Arequa Gulch
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      • World's Fair placer - 8305
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        Stamp Mill
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        Was expected to start up middle of April 1893 - reported April 8th, unsure if it did happen though.
        graphic for visual presentation of textBelieved to be located on the South end of the first 1/4 from the North part of the placer claim. There is a mill drawn there, together with House and a Shaft with a Drift.