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Arequa mill
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   This view shows a large mill operation, it must have been quite a look to see this in person, a mill built upon over time. In the background, about 1/3 down on left-hand side from the top, you can see the ore-receiving shed of the large Economic Mill, with part of a cooling tower poking up as well. Squaw Mountain is looming in the background, together with some mines and railroad grades of all three railroads serving this District.
   The view of the Economic mill and the Low Line dates this view to have been photographed between 1900 and middle of April 1903. Reason for that end date is I read the Arequa mill was fully destroyed by a fire in the Engineering & Mining Journal, published on the 18th of April, 1903.The Arequa Mill
Photo by: Unknown
My Collection; Appears on unknown page in unknown printed book, by unknown.
Media ID: 43
This quite bad view shows how the Arequa Mill expanded over the years. Appearing in an 1898 book this must been photographed before that time, and being said to have been erected around 1896/1897 they clearly in this view is in the process of being expanded.
In the background is the hill separating this area from the area where Victor & Lawrence is located. I wish I had this a clear good photograph as that hill has some needed info hidden away from my view.Works of the Colorado Ore Reduction Co., Elkton
Photo by: Unknown
From page 75 in the 1898 book "Colorado State Mining Directory" by unknown.
Media ID: 45
This sadly quite bad view shows how the Arequa Mill lays on the hill as seen from southeast. Appearing in an August 1899 issue this must been photographed before that time and being said to have been erected around 1896/1897 the timespan is not that large.
   Beacon Hill is seen on far left, not much else to go on, quality of the printed image is not good.Arequa Mill and Cyanide Plant.
Photo by: Unknown
My Collection; Scanned from page 5 in the August 1899 issue of Mines and Minerals, sadly the quality is not good; from a 300dpi scan.
Media ID: 352
Id No. (Mine / 1902 map):
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Arequa Gulch
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Discovery / Formed by:
    Burned Down
    Fate details:
    Published in the Engineering & Mining Journal on the 18th of April, 1903; This mill, in Arequa Gulch, near Elkton, has been totally destroyed by fire this week. For some time the mill has been worked under a lease treating low-grade oxidized ores from a number of dumps.
    graphic for visual presentation of text The mill was originally erected about 6 or 7 years ago as a cyanide mill, and was afterward enlarged and a chlorination plant added. A considerable portion of the Wild Horse dump has been run through the mill. The property is understood to have been well insured.
    Owned by:
    • Colorado Ore Reduction Company
      -> 1903-01-10 [reported As Owners]
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        Steam Power [Plant], Electric Power [Line], Electric Power [Plant], Chlorination Mill & Cyanidation Mill
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