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Hartzell Mill [aka the Sylvanite Mill]
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I've enhanced the photo somewhat as it had faded some, and I count myself lucky that I was able to get hold of this one, even if it was one of the more expensive ones sadly. Sadly, also it is not dated, but it is an early view from Squaw Gulch, possible around 1894 but not sure.
* The structure is the Sylvanite, or also later known as the Hartzell Mill; or even Hartsell Mill I've seen it named as. It would in its lifespan grow to be longer towards the left in this view, and they must have had its believes in this mill as it worked some years.
* In background right, about 1/3 up from bottom, and about 1/10 in from right-hand side, behind the dump seen there, is some darker shades, that is the Blue Bell Tunnel Mine, an early hopeful mine that never really become anything…Sylvanite Mill Anaconda Colo. Cripple Creek Dist.
Photo by: J.G. Wilson
My Collection; Photographs; cropped from a 300dpi scan, enhanced somewhat due to fading of source.
Media ID: 189
Id No. (Mine / 1902 map):
Stamp Mill
Date Located / Formed:
Squaw Gulch
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    Dismantled / Removed
    Fate details:
    Reported in Mining & Scientific Press August 16, 1902 that with the Brodie mill being destroyed by fire on the 9th inst., the last of three mills which were built in Squaw gulch is now gone. The Rosebud mill was burned and the old Hartzell mill was torn down. No other dates given.
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          Stamp Mill
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          A bit of info in a Engineering & Mining Journal from 1895 comfirms that the Hartzell Mill was former known as the Sylvanite mill - cool!