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Alpha and Omega Mine
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This cropped view from a postcard of not the best quality shows the surface structures of the Alpha and Omega Mine in a more modern time then what I did mark the view on left-hand side as. I think there is a road and not a railroad in the source image, but in order to help understanding the location I decided to mark in in red the location of something that still is there as in the District, the Victor road from Cripple Creek, here marked as the F. & C.C. Roadbed. Looking at Google Maps from around 2015 there is only ruins left, and a dump which resembles this view.Alpha and Omage Mine; Cropped From #11-5; Scene Near Cripple Creek, Colorado
Photo by: Unknown
My Collection; cropped from a 600dpi scan of a postcard.
Media ID: 165
Id No. (Mine / 1902 map):
Date Located / Formed:
Gold Hill [lower]
Location Map Description:
Discovery / Formed by:
  • C.W. Searles ( Info From Claim/Survey Map )
Fate details:
Owned by:
  • C.W. Searles
    -> 1895-07-01 [claim Map]
Known claims:
  • Omega lode - 9206
  • Alpha lode - 9206
Claim Links:
Location Claim Description:
Patented Date:
Mineral Certificate No.:
General Land Office No.:
Known Transportation Connection:
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    General notes:
    The claim map has even parts of the F&CC roadbed where it crosses the claim, and a shaft house marked out along the roadbed.