General/Base Info:
Lucky Bill Lode
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Info Last updated: 30.10.2021 (07:11:41)
Id No. (Mine / 1902 map):
Date Located / Formed:
Poverty Gulch / Womack Hill
Location Map Description:
Discovery / Formed by:
    Fate details:
    Owned by:
    • Robert D. Kenney
      -> 1895-11-08 [claim Map]
    • Stratton Cripple Creek Mining and Development Company
      -> 1903-01-01 [reported As Owner]
    Known claims:
    • Lucky Bill lode - 9830
    Claim Links:
    Location Claim Description:
    Patented Date:
    Mineral Certificate No.:
    General Land Office No.:
    Known Transportation Connection:
      Extra Info/Details [Linked at One Time to the Entity]:
      Steam Hoist
      Known Producing Info:
      General notes:
      Map is somewhat boring, outside the built area of Poverty gulch, but it is a prospected area as it is filled with lots of cuts and shafts, including the Discoverry shaft on the N.W. part of the claim.
      graphic for visual presentation of text The Ameneded Plat shows even more reduction in the size of the claim, loosing almost all of the eastern part of the claim.