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Cripple Creek City Mine [aka City of Cripple Creek Mine]
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View of the head frame – named Gallows frame – of the Cripple Creek City Mine, or the Cripple Creek Enterprise Gold Mining Company's mine in the town of Cripple Creek.The Cripple Creek Enterprise Gold Mining Company's Gallows Frame and Shaft House.
Photo by: Unknown
My Collection; From page 16 in the Official Guide to Cripple Creek District, August 1903 (Vol. 2, No. 3).
Media ID: 65
  As this image is used in an December 1904 article it can't be younger then November, early December 1904, but I have lot of doubts it is that young, I think it is up to at least a year older. But it is hard to tell, nothing in the view to date it from. Though, I have seen from a different source an image that is similar to this one, and that is said to be from 1903 and linked to a J.E. Stimson, which was a photographer of Cheyenne, Wyoming it seems. The dumps on those two views looks identical so I assume they are from same timeframe and possible same photographer.
  The view itself is of a printed bad quality type showing several men posing on the dump in front of what is generally known as the Cripple Creek City Mine, a Head-Frame used to get down into the ground below the city, located south of the National Hotel seen in background left. Myers Avenue with its trolley line/tracks would be in the foreground, outside this view.City of Cripple Creek Mines, Miesse Shaft
Photo by: Unknown
My Collection; From page 644 in the December 31, 1904 issue of The Mining World; scaled from a 600dpi scan.
Media ID: 229
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Cripple Creek Townsite
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    Owned by:
    • Cripple Creek Enterprise Gold Mining Company
    • City of Cripple Creek Gold Mining Company
      -> 1904-12-31 [reported As Owners]
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