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Climax Mine
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This view from the northeast slope of Ironclad hill is looking east towards Pike's Peak in the background, with a small mine operation visible on the left half of this view. The photo on DPL has more ground in front, but no more structures or anything useful really.
In terms of the mine itself, it appears to use a horse hoist, set up on a small dump in front of the main structure with a small shed attached to the right-hand side of that, strangely enough with the roof of that shed sloping towards the main structure for some reason. There appears to be patches of snow on the ground and ice drippings hangs from a plank that acts like a water collector or something from the roof, seen best on the DPL photo behind the horse.Climax Mine, Ironclad Hill
Photo by: Horace Swartley Poley
From page 55 in the 1895/1896 book Cripple Creek and Colorado Springs Illustrated by Warren and Stride.
Media ID: 67
Id No. (Mine / 1902 map):
Vertical Shaft Mine
Date Located / Formed:
21.12.1891 (Date of Location Certificate)
Ironclad Hill
Location Map Description:
Discovery / Formed by:
    Fate details:

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    Owned by:
    • Anson Rudd
      -> 1893-04-13 [claim Map]
    • James M. Turner
      -> 1893-04-13 [claim Map]
    • James C. Hanna
      -> 1893-04-13 [claim Map]
    • James L. Cooper
      -> 1893-04-13 [claim Map]
    • Midway Gold Mining Company
      -> 1900 [reported As Owner]
    Known claims:
    • Climax lode - 8021
    Claim Links:
    Location Claim Description:
    Patented Date:
    Mineral Certificate No.:
    General Land Office No.:
    Known Transportation Connection:
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      General notes:
      Map is boring. The claim has already lost ground to neighbor claims, and by the time it is Amended two years later in 1895 it has lost more ground. To me it appears that the location of the Londonderry Mine in my 1902 USGS map showing mines and such is more on this claim's ground then in Londonderry ground…
      graphic for visual presentation of text Of shafts there are the Discovery Shaft shown, about middle of the claim, with two more Shafts just east of it, and a fourth and fifth Shaft is shown down south where the ground is shared with the Londonderry claim and which I think is pretty close to where the shaft house of the mine I know as Londonderry is located. This as when comparing to my 1911 claim map with railroads drawn in, the Vista Grande loop is very close to the shaft and same it is in the few images I seen of the Londonderry mine.