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Clinton Tunnel {aka Calhoun Tunnel}
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down on the page. Sorry to have wasted your time/ear to listen to this, I was just trying to get a layout work like I wanted.
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This view is sadly ''doctored'' somewhat, hence the keyword artistic, as the tunnel mouth is drawn into the image, clearly seen on the rail part that is not real looking at all. Sadly, as I feel the tunnel is really up there at the cabin halfway up the hillside with the Short Line grade seen further up the hill, about 1/3 down from the top.
   Not sure why they felt the need to draw in this so-called Clinton Tunnel in this view... What was shown in the source image there? I do not know, but when I compare this view with a Google Earth view I find an area that can look like this somewhat, and which is with a dump about where the structure sits quite same distance down from the old Short Line roadbed.
   Either way, this is a non-profitable mine, laying very much on the outside of the District, close to where the Short Line crosses over Beaver Creek and the railroad has its own route to/from the district after leaving the parallel run from about Cameron with the M.T. roadbed, where the M.T. goes around a hill and head north towards Gillett, and the Short Line heads east.
   I did procure the colored version of this image. Source was gray-toned, or in common speech black & white. Used an online service and tweaked and worked with image to get what looks best to my eyes for the moment.West Slope of Cow Mountain, All Owned by the Clinton Co. Beaver Creek Flows Just Below the Dump, the Short Line Railroad a Few Feet Above
Photo by: Unknown
My Collection; From page 3 in a about 1903 Prospectus for the Clinton Consolidated Mining Co. I did procure the colored version of this image.
Media ID: 470
Id No. (Mine / 1902 map):
Adit Mine
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Cow Mountain
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          A search on Google 17.03.2019 gave me one entry for Calhoun Tunnel and the text from a Pay to View newspaper site gave me a OCR readable enough to see the Clinton Tunnel name link and then I know the tunnel...