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Tidal Wave Lode
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General Mining News
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The Engineering and Mining Journal. Volume: 75 [LXXV], Issue No. 22
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May 30, 1903
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Portland Gold Mining Co. Won Over Monument Gold Mining Co.
Portland Gold Mining Company.—In the United States District Court recently a jury returned a verdict for this company in its suit with the Monument Gold Mining Company, the claim for $32,592 being indorsed.
graphic for visual presentation of text In its finding the jury states that it believes the Portland Gold Mining Company to be the "owner of the vein having its top or apex within the surface boundaries of the Tidal Wave Lode Mining claim, and departing in its course downward across the westerly sidelines of the said Tidal Wave Lode Mining Company and entering into and beneath the defendant's Monument Lode claim, and also find that ores extracted by the defendants and in controversy herein were taken from the plaintiff's said Tidal Wave vein, and assess its damages against the defendant, the Monument Gold Mining Company, at $32,592."
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