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Little Mary Lode
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Mining Inquiries
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United States Investor. Volume: 11 [XI], Issue No. 17
Info Publication Date:
April 28, 1900
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Creede & Cripple Creek Mining & Milling Co. Info
The Creede & Cripple Creek Mining & Milling Co. belongs on a selected list, by no means complete, of low-priced Cripple Creek stocks, with the latest published information as to location, acreage, capitalization, and approximate present price being: Gold Hill, Battle Mountain, etc., Cripple Creek; 13 acres; capital, 800,000 shares; par value, $1; shipping; company also owns about 500,000 shares of Union Bell Gold Mining Co.; price, 15 cents.
graphic for visual presentation of text The low-priced stocks are usually sold in "board lots" of not less than 1,000 shares. Smaller lots are also not readily salable. Shares in the Royalty can be obtained in lots of not less than 500.
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