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Mamie Chat Lode
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The Herald Democrat. Volume: 13 [XIII]
Info Publication Date:
March 19, 1892
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Chat With Good Indications of Mineral
A two days' jaunt on horseback took me from Rhyolite hill, on the north, to Grouse mountain, on the south, and from Pisgah, on the west, to Wilson creek, on the east, within which boundaries some four thousand claims have been located.
graphic for visual presentation of text The greater part of those have nothing more than the assessment work done upon them, and in many instances, this has been so indifferently done, and with such an utter abandon and disregard of the statues, that they cannot be held for a moment to comply with the legal requirements.
graphic for visual presentation of text But, in traversing Ennis, Globe, Gold, Bull, Tenderfoot, Womack, Mineral and a score or more of hills in the district, sources of Cripple, Wilson, Requa, Squaw and other water courses, I came upon scores of properties that were being developed with more or less vigor and intelligence, some with tunnels or inclines, others with shafts or open cuts, and the owners of each full of hope and expectations.
graphic for visual presentation of text Among those having already good indications of mineral is the Chat.
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Abstracted and somewhat rewritten from source article dealing with the District, by C. C. Davis
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General Mining News
Info Source From:
The Morning Times. Volume: 7 [VII], Issue No. 200
Info Publication Date:
July 23, 1899
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Chat Group Lessees Found Some High Grade
Burke and Morris, who have a lease on the Chat group, are working several men on surface. They have found some high grade float, and expect to open the chute any day.
graphic for visual presentation of text The property lies on Carbonate hill.
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