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The United Gold Mines Company - Annual Report 1904

This is a scanned copy of the 48-page 1904 Annual Report book with lot of info and images in regards to the various mines and companies linked to the United Gold Mines Company. Book is in great shape, this digitized copy do hold a not so great scanned copy of the large map in front of the book due to complications scanning it without destroying the map. Map is presented with Leaflet using Deep-Zoom tiles.

There is a total of 8 images on same number pages, together with 11 pages with so-called group claims, and with quite lot of text, describing various Claim Groups of the Company. There is also a two page view on pages 24 & 25 showing Water Levels & Comparative depths of the Principal Shafts and Tunnels, plus there is also a one map graphical map sort of showing the various Elevations of the principal workings of the company together with the basic idea of their tunnel system based upon the Columbine-Victor Tunnel.

This book normally sell for lot of money if your lucky to get hold of a copy, and here at last you get to see it all for free! Of course, if you ever feel for donate something for running this site, you find a PayPal button under the Help Me Section...

Enjoy this little trip back to yesterday!

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