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The Clinton Consolidated Mining Company and Clinton Tunnel Site

This prospect for the Clinton Consolidated Mining Co., and Clinton Tunnel Site is rather chipped along page edges and quite heavy worn, darken staples, partly coming out of the paper, is also present on this 8 page piece. Dating it is hard, but most likely 1903 as they talk about purchases done during 1902.

There is a total of 4 images together with quite lot of text, describing various Claim Groups of the Company and talking warm about the Clinton Tunnel, with all four images linked to the tunnel. On the front paper there is a small crude photo of a Short Line train crossing Trestle No 36-A across West Beaver Creek, just upstream from the Clinton Tunnel site, and on page 3 there is a partly a "doctored" view showing a drawn in portal of the Tunnel down at the creek with clearly fake rails and portal, but further up the hill there is a cabin seen which I believe is the actual site of the tunnel, and even further up there can be made out the location of the Short Line roadbed. On page five there is a inside view of the First Section of the Clinton Tunnel and on page eight, the back cover, there is a view said to be at the breast of Clinton Tunnel.

The text text talk about how the mining company own 150 acres in the Cripple Creek Mining District, and that they are building tunnels and making good progress but need investors. Offers information on the Cow Mountain Group, the Pleasant Home Group, the Capital Group, Poverty Gulch Mines, other holdings, advantages of tunnel mining, prices and terms.

Enjoy this little trip back to yesterday, and be happy you did not pour money into this Tunnel.

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