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The Golden Cycle Corporation: Annual Report to Stockholders
December 31, 1939

This Annual Report is starting to separate/tear at the outer edges in the fold where the papers are stapled together. There is also heavy wrinkling on the paper, possible damage from a damp environment, some water stains, and some yellowing of the paper has happened. Rust on the staples is also present.

The Report consist of 32 pages including front and back page, three of those is blank, rest has various reports of the Companies holdings and status. There is also a total of 9 images, one is the one on front of the Carlton Tunnel Portal, and the other 8 is in the back, ending with a drawing/Profile of the Carlton Drainage Tunnel they as a Company is now building. There is also included a cardboard piece that was used as a Bookmark, showing what they call a Gold Schedule, which I think is prices paid for gold per ounce or something.

Enjoy this little trip back to yesterday.

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