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History of Cripple Creek - America's Most Famous Gold Camp.
The Quarterly Sentinel, Volume 1, Number 1
February 1896

This Book is mostly in good shape, only the cover wraps has separated into a front & back paper, while the rest of the pages has some general signs of use and age, some corner folds and paper may look wrinkled. The center map has some stains from the staples, and there is starting to a larger hole around one of the staples.

The Book consist of 52 pages including front and back page, two of those are blank, rest has various text or images on them, not all directly in regards to the Cripple Creek District. There are 14 images, but only 10 of them are inside the District, one is along the F. & C.C. railroad in Phantom Canon.

I hope you enjoy sort of reading this book by browsing these images, as I love that I am able to share it here for all to see/find smile Pieces from this book might appear in other sections of my site as text info, but the whole context of it can also be found here as an article. Structured a little different here and there but the info is all there.

Enjoy this little trip back to yesterday! Also, if you ever feel for donate something to help me funding this site, you find a PayPal button under the Help Me Section...

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