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O'er Canon and Crag to the Land of Gold - Around 1911-ish

This picture book is in bad shape! From page 31 there is loose pages, lot of missing paper along edges on the cover and many of the pages, images has folds, scars in them, there are many missing pictures, how many are hard to tell as one place there is an image on both sides but if that was done throughout the book I can't tell. Lot of edge wear, some spots and discoloration.

This is an old picture Book from around 1911, hard to date it to an exact year, but one image in there has a known copyright of May 1911, and there is quite much text and even images about the Roosevelt Drainage Tunnel. That tunnel was begun in 1907 and had reached the first goal post around end of 1910. The book is named O'er Canon and Crag to the Land of Gold and has many colored views along the Short Line, aka Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek District Railway (C.S. & C.C.D. Ry.). Also includes many views from inside the Cripple Creek District, mostly mines, in type of mixes image scenes, aka several images as one-image. The views linked to the Roosevelt Tunnel was a pleasant surprise as they where new to me!

Please enjoy this little trip back to yesterday! Yes, I do hope you enjoy sort of reading this book by browsing these images, as I do find enjoyment in the fact that I am able to share it here for all to see/find. animated smile

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