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Photo by Louis Charles McClure

This view is one of at least two taken from where the F. & C.C. crosses over the small valley where Wilson Creek is running and close by to one of the early mines of W.S. Stratton, long gone by now. The view shows lot of mines up on Battle Mountain and Bull Hill, but also several railroad grades.

In the foreground the trestle over Wilson Creek is filled in and is now a filling for the F. & C.C entering under the trestle belong to the High Line Trolley and Short Line grade down from Victor Pass. Behind that the grade of the Golden Circle can barely been seen, then you have some houses before the large structures belonging to the Independence Mine show up next.

Beyond the you see the Ajax Mine popping up at left into the sky, and to the right you see the Portland Nos. 1 & 2. The Portland No. 2 sits all the way up on the hill, with heavy dumps around it, and a large crib wall where the Short Line has a spur going towards the Ajax Mine.

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