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Corley Mountain Highway Souvenir Folder - The trip that bankrupts the English language

Folder is partly damaged, the back lacks the upper part for the flap, one sheet holding two images - one on each side - lacks a corner, but other then that, it is in good shape, all the paper stick together as it should.

It is an old souvenir folder with hand colored pictures from somewhere around early 1920's I would guess. It's about the then new toll road on the former railroad grade of The Short Line (Colorado Springs & Cripple Creek District Railway, C.S. & C.C.D. Ry.)

It was converted into a toll road called Corley Mountain Highway soon after the railroad gave up. It includes some scenes from inside the Cripple Creek District, dating back to better times when railroads was running...

----- From the folder it self -----

Under an arrangement with the Government, the roadbed that was formerly the Cripple Creek Short Line Railroad, has now been converted into a splendid scenic automobile road.

The Highway is 18 miles in length and reaches an altitude of 10,000 feet at the summit. The return trip may be made over the same route, or a person can continue into the wonderful Cripple Creek mining region and return over the famous Ute Pass automobile road.

The grade is uniform throughout, never exceeding a maximum of 4 per cent, or that of any ordinary city street. The road having been originally constructed to bear heavy mountain locomotives and trainloads of gold ore from the Cripple Creek district, there are no sharp curves, and the tunnels, embankments and bridges are large and substantial.

The beauty, grandeur and variety of the view that unfolds like a panorama during a ride over this unique highway are almost beyond description. The road passes over the broad face of a great mountain chain, giving an unobstructed view of the prairie below as though seen from an airship.

There are also many tunnels bored through solid granite piercing the very heart of the mountain.

The highway passes through the Pike National Forest which contains many natural beauty spots providing splendid places for picnics and inviting the visitor to stroll amid the most pleasant surroundings.

Cool breezes, sweet with the scent of pines and musical with the whisperings of the woods, bright wild-flowers or gorgeous colorings of rocks and foliage, are invigorating and restful.

Any motorist may drive his car over this highway with perfect safety. Experience in mountain travel is entirely unnecessary, nor will there be the slightest strain or injury to his car.

For those desiring such service there are numerous sight-seeing automobiles which make a specialty of this trip.

Theodore Roosevelt made a trip over this road at the opening of the Short Line Railroad and coined the expression: "The trip that bankrupts the English Language," and the opinion of this noted traveler and nature-lover has been confirmed by many others who took the trip during the years that the famous railroad was operating over this wonderful scenic route.

I hope you enjoy these pictures, it was a great joy when I got this years back, and I love that I am able to share it here for all to see/find :-)

Enjoy this little trip back to yesterday!

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