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Pikes Peak America's most famous mountain

The folder is in good shape. It is an old souvenir folder with hand colored pictures, dates unknown, but it is after the loss of the Short Line as it mention the Corley Mountain Highway to Cripple Creek... Also, the fact that cars can be seen and appears to be rather prominent, it can't be too old... It shows scenes from Pikes Peak, the Cog Wheel Route, and the Auto road to it.

Pikes Peak (alt. 14,110 ft.) is America's most famous mountain, prominently noted since its discovery in 1806 by Zebulon Pike from whom its name was taken. Through the pioneer days it was made famous by the slogan, "Pikes Peak or Bust," and through the years it has been a landmark for hundreds of thousands who have journeyed to its top or found health and pleasure at its foot.

It is one of the most prominent mountains of the state in appearance since it rises 8,000 feet directly above the plains, presenting from its snow capped summit a view of over sixty thousand square miles of rugged mountains and rolling plain.

At first claimed to be unscalable its top has been visited by hundred of thousands and is visited by thousands more each year. It is reached by a wonderful auto road as well as by the Famous Cog Road and a picturesque Burro Trail. Many who like the strenuous also hike to its summit.

I hope you enjoy these pictures, it was a fun when I got this years back, and I find it quite lovely that I am able to share it here for all to see/find :-)

Enjoy this little trip back to yesterday!

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