About me
Last updated: 5 March, 2012 20:04

When I started to rewrite my site using a more modern approach and software I found my self in lot of troubles.

Not only in learning this stuff, it is 2012 now, and especially the about me page has ties back to about 1996/97 when I first started to dabble with making a personal web site - but also in how to fill in the up to date info about me for instance, as the page I had was written in another time and mental frame, when life was good and so on.

I still have a Okay life, but I find it hard to say it is a great life with lots of love and all that, I have found my self fighting a battle with the same man I married back in 1997, a man I still love and still fight every day to keep my promise to - "For Better and Worse".

He makes it hard sometimes, as years passed by it look more and more like he picked me to be with as I would be the surest way to make sure he gets a bad life and having someone else but him to blame it on so he can continue working to make his life even worse...

I done a lot on my life with him, from real good to real bad, my love has been there, tested and kept me here, still fighting, still trying to help him see him self, to see that it is better to have set your self a target and work for it, define what you want and try to work towards that, then to just sit around and let other decide what to do just because that is easy right there and then.

Our life would be mostly good if I accepted that he don't want to work with me even if he say he will, and that I need to take the charge all the time and accept that sometimes he will not tell me that he is not agreeing with my plan and is going to mess it up by doing something he wants right there and then just because he feels like it.

And then when he complains he had to do something to feel like in charge just smile and forget that life just took another ugly turn and become even worse in a way that was fully avoidable if Tore just had bothered to think it through...

But, I don't want that, I want him to wake up and realize, it is every one of us that has the responsibility to our self for our own actions, what we do, say and how we live our life.

I had to learn that my self early in my adult life, and I only wish I had learned it even earlier in life, but such is not the case, and it is only right now, here and now, in this second I live it all the time, I can actually do anything in life.

My past is my past, I can study, learn from it, use it to predict how I and others might react in a given situation, how I best can go forward to get the life I think I want to have, but in the end, it is what I do in the moment that really counts, and that is where I need to have the focus in me about me on what I do with me.

This is what I try help Tore to learn, and this is the lesson I have learned my self from my life, and what is defining who and what I am, it is what makes me me, nothing more, nothing less!

So, to learn about me, you need to have an understand of your self, that is what I believe. Of course, through my website, there are ways it is built, the way I use text and words, it helps tell a story about me and how I am if one has some understanding of people, one can see parts of them and from there get a glimpse into who I am.

Or, you can click into the choices on your left and read lot of old stuff I have written over the years, stats and so on about who I am and what I am, but on this page, no, sorry, not in 2012, no, I don't feel for sharing more about me then already seen in my Blog, my site, and my old info's.

I love the Cripple Creek District, and I want to study it for life, learn it through images and old written stuff, that is me, a strong emotional connection to the area, simple as that, like it or not, it is my goal in my life!