About me [Written 2005]
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So, you wanted to read a little about me... Animated Graphic of a smile

Well, I'm sort of flattered (blush.... - not) Animated Graphic of a smile

So, what should I say then, hmm, let me see, or better, let me think... Animated Graphic of a smile

Oh yeah, I could say that, and maybe that, but should I say that, hmm...

OK, I think I've made my choice now. Animated Graphic of a smile


As you might know, I'm a girl - yeah, one of those... Animated Graphic of a smile What would the world be without us...

My name is Linda Irene Tingvik, I'm born and raised in a country far north called Norway, and yes, I'm sort of blond...

Except that it has turned more or less into a grayish boring type so I tend to color it, who doesn't?

My age has passed the 30s, but I survive... I'm a summer girl, born in June, middle of the month almost - so yes, I'm a Gemini.

My birthplace and the place where I grew up is on the southwestern part of Norway, a place called Sandnes, not to far from Stavanger.

Sandnes is one of the three "aces" (in Norwegian called ess, sounds like "S"), and the other two are Sola and Stavanger - but Sandnes is of course the best place in the world... Animated Graphic of a smile

At least it used to be, until it got to popular to live in and now they are building all over the place, destroying nice places because it's money to earn, and a need for houses... :-(  As you guess, I'm not to happy about this one.

And then you have this stupid thing in that area, a "tollroad ring" around the place so you need to pay whenever you need to cross over from one commune to and other. Or even just drive inside of Sandnes a couple of places :-(

I hate that!

My marital status is married, to a very sweet and loving guy called Tore!  He's been very good to me, and I do love him very much!

We got married the 14th of may 1997, and still we hang together... Animated Graphic of a smile  I feel so lucky to have met him, and I know he feels the same way.

Anyway, from summer of 1996 to august of 2000 I was living in Belgium with my husband since he worked for NATO down there.

But, then it was over and we had to move back home to Norway.  Which strangely enough have been sort of bad, but also nice...

Norway had changed over the 4 years abroad, and I was not to fond of it!  More regulations, more taxes, more expansive and so on... :-(

Then, we moved to the Netherlands where I do live now. Been here for about 3,5 years now, but due to Tore not getting his contract renewed we are now facing the fact we need to move home again to Norway..

My interests you can read about here... Animated Graphic of a smile

My family is a small one, as anybody else I do have a mother and father.. Animated Graphic of a smile  I also have an almost 3 year older brother (Roy), an and around 5 year younger sister (Ann-Marie).

Close to me has also been my mothers parents since they lived in the same house/building as us, but now all that's left is my grandmother since her husband died in autumn of 1999.

My closest friend was for a very long time an animal.  A cat called Pjusken has from my youth and until spring of 1999 been the most dearest friend and even family for me, but she got ill and then she left me (for now)... :-(

It still makes me sad.  I miss her terrible!  Other then her I haven't really had close friends, I do know some I would consider to be very good friends, and even maybe "fit the profile" of a close friend, but still I think of them as more real personal friends.

They know me good, but still I can't share with them as much as I could with Pjusken.  But that's because I really don't trust a human being as much as I trust an animal!

I might offend somebody, but hey, this is how I am! Animated Graphic of a smile

My real personal friends is as mention some people I know and have known for some time.  I would of course put my husband in here, as would most of my other friends.

My friends is where other people I met on the way "fit in" that I feel I know and think of as friends, like people I met on the Internet.

My work is in the home, I'm a housewife and I must admit that I like being home and be my own master of the time and things that needs to be done!

But unfortunately to get money and such, you need a paying job, which I don't have...  My biggest problem is just finding out what I want to do, all I know is that I'm not able/interested in a full day job, more like a part time since there are days I don't even want to leave the house, and even less meet people!

Well, that was some of me, you regret you wanted to know about me...? Animated Graphic of a smile

Oh, you came in here looking for pictures, well... Animated Graphic of a smile  I'm not that photogene, and I'm not to fond of posing for photo's either, but since you look so nice, here's a couple pictures... Animated Graphic of a smile

Linda in an old photo Tore in an old photo Linda and last image of Pjusken
Me, some years ago Tore, some years ago Last picture of Pjusken
Linda in the Garden at the house in the Netherlands
Me in the back garden, photo taken June 2004
Linda and Tore's Wedding photo
Our wedding photo (14.05.1997)

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