My Interests [Last updated 2007]
Last updated: 10 April, 2013 16:18

Oh, you wanted to know even more about me - blush... Animated Graphic of a smile

Well, I better write some here then, don't want to disappoint you to much.. Graphic of a Smile

Over the years since I've moved to Belgium in 1996 I've gotten more and more into using a computer, so I guess, Computers are part of my interest.

I'm not good with them - I think - but I manage. I can send e-mail, surf the net, write letters (lately hardly ever done so..), play with pictures/photo's - make Christmas presents (Calendars) and almost live my live in front of them... I used it to plan our kitchen, I've planned our new house in Norway that we some day have to get started on, I've done video editing on them - the list goes on for ever.

For the time being, this is my computer now (26.01.2003):[Never written]

I have gotten my self a small collection of books, video's and music CD's - and of course, computer CD's! And, since I do have music CD's, that means I like to listen to music - wow, who would have guessed that... Graphic of a Smile

I mention I have used the computer to play with pictures, and even make Christmas present like wall calendars, that implies that I like to take pictures - and yes, I do that.

Take pictures I mean. Always nice to have a couple of hundred or so photo's from your latest holiday... Graphic of a Smile Or about 20 photo's showing almost the same thing - because, then you just have to have at least one that is great!!

From my early teens I have also had an interest for model trains - and it is all my brother's fault because he got a Märklin train set for Christmas... No, I no longer remember what I got...

Anyway, this interest grew to almost an obsession before it cooled down after I had overcome some personal problems in my life. I still read model railroad magazine, still get one about real railroads in North America, and still buy books/magazine about the Belgium Vicinal (Trams) that I got hooked on when we used to live there. I just seam to have lost the model touch I once had - and now I try to do it all in my computer...

After I met my husband I also have been found to travel a lot from times to times - and yes, I like to do that. Always nice to see new places, just as long as we pass by Cripple Creek... Graphic of a Smile

To bad my husband don't always agree on that one...

Yes, my husband is also an interest to me - but that is personal so... ;-)

And of course, this page (no, not this one, the first one, here.. Graphic of a Smile) is also showing a very big interest for me!!