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Lexington Mine
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Sadly, not the best of quality on this, to me, rare view of the Lexington, or Clara D., mine on Gold Hill. In the background left I think we see part of the International [aka International Gold King] Mine, part of several different named operations on the Gold King lode, while the Lexington is on the Clara D. lode, which crosses the Gold King lode.
   I am not sure if the Water-tank seen about center in the background is linked to any specific mine or just a more common one. What I do know is that while the source of this image is in gray tones due to coming from a printed material, I did play around and tried to add some sort of coloring scheme using my computer as I think it is sort of enhances the image information.View of the Surface Improvements of the Lexington Mine.
Photo by: Unknown
My Collection; From page 28 in Seeing Cripple Creek, Januar 1904 (Vol. 2, No. 2). I've added the coloring scheme using my computer.
Media ID: 371
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Gold Hill
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      Known claims:
      • Clara D. lode - 8972
      • Nellie V. lode - 9596
      • Evelyne lode - 9554
      • Cotton Tail lode - 9570
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