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Bull Hill Sampler [aka Cripple Creek Sampler; Bull Hill Works; Black Sampler]
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Sadly, not the sharpest view, but I felt this 1200dpi crop and enhanced version is still one of the best views I have of the 'Black Sampler', of the Cripple Creek Sampling Company. The Sampler was also known as the Cripple Creek Sampler, or Bull Hill Works, Bull Hill Sampler, and other names it appears.
   Located just beside the Midland Terminal Mainline, it was at one time served by dual gauge as the Golden Circle railroad also had a spur here. Also served by the Short Line I assume as it's Mainline runs straight passed it on the west side (behind it in this view). The photo is from the timeframe the Sampler had Dual Gauge I assume as there are Dual Gauge down to the T. & B. Sampler which is outside this cropped view at lower left.
   There are 4 or 5 levels of tracks seen in this view, from the small stub-yard at the T. & B. Sampler seen in lower left, to the M.T. Mainline seen about 1/5 up from the bottom, where the southern leg of their Bull Hill/Victor Pass Wye is seen going down towards lower right-hand corner. Then the 'out business' level of the Sampler is seen, built up on a small crib-wall as I assume there was no room left for a fill due to the closeness to the M.T. mainline. Next level would be the 'business in' level, where there are seen a combination of Boxcars and at least one Gondola car in the view, about 1/3 up from bottom. Last level, if it is a separate level, would be the Short Line mainline grade, I think it is at a higher level but hard to tell for sure on this view.Cropped View; The "Black Sampler" of the C.C. Sampling Co., Located on Victor Pass.
Photo by: Unknown
My Collection; Photographs. Cropped view from my Enhanced, Straightened version of the 1200dpi scan.
Media ID: 325
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Bull Hill / Victor Pass
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    • Cripple Creek Sampling and Ore Company
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