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T. and B. Sampler [aka Taylor & Brunton Bull Hill Sampler]
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The Taylor & Brunton Sampling Co. had two samplers in the Cripple Creek District, this was the newest one, located on Victor Pass or Bull Hill as it also is reported/said as to be on. This one was erected during 1901 and in operation since April 1902. All three railroads and both gauges could deliver ore to this sampler, as I have seen images with dual gauge at the upper level, but I do not know if the dual gauge extended down to the 'out' end of the Sampler.
   In this scene here, by Mr. Buckwalter, several locomotives with crews is posing at the various spurs, and I have seen three different photograph scenes based on this setup so the photographer moved around a little and took several scenes, making me wonder if that happen when the Sampler open for business in 1902?
   A slightly more cropped edition of this view appears in a September 1904 publication, so I know it can't be photographed later then August 1904 so in this case I could narrow down the timeframe of the photo to about a period of two and half year.
   I did procure the colored version of this image as I think it is nicer. Source is gray-toned, or in common speech black & white. Used an online service and tweaked and worked with image to get what looks best to my eyes for the moment.The Taylor & Brunton Sampling Company Sampler on Victor Pass
Photo by: Harry H. Buckwalter
My Collection; Photographs. Enhanced, Colored 300dpi scan. I did procure the colored version of this image.
Media ID: 496
Sadly, not the sharpest view, but I felt this 1200dpi crop and enhanced version is still one of the most important views I have of the Taylor & Brunton Sampler, which later seems to have been also known as Copeland Sampler and Eagle Sampler even later some info indicates – and this photo was marked as Eagle Sampler on the backside, so that might be the reason, but further research is needed to get the story line of the ownership of that Sampler Structure in order.
   What is cool, and I did not know this till I noticed it on my 1200dpi scan, there are Dual Gauge tracks at this Sampler! On both levels of it also, I count five, sort of, parallel tracks of 3-rails, three is at the upper level where two are going into the shed there and one is running around it on the outside right. On the lower level one is into the shed part and one is on the outside. The Golden Circle seems to have had a spur down the southern leg of the M.T. wye seen about 1/4 in from right-hand side and following the track down the hill using a sort of switchback method to reach the sampler. I first suspected the connection was behind the House/Office seen about 2/5 up from bottom and about 1/3 in from left-hand side, but that seems to be a dead-end switching spur only as there is a height difference I can't make out to have been evened out, so I think they dual-gauged the M.T. tracks instead, using the wye and switchback spur down to the Sampler. I wonder if I ever will find out where it came down to the Sampler from…
   The railroad cars in lower left is all part of a small Short Line Yard located there, and in the background, about 1/5 down from top is the 'out yard' for the 'Black Sampler' which is outside this cropped view at upper right. In foreground, about bottom left to about 1/6 up from bottom right, the spur down from the M.T. Yard is seen sort of, and I think this is the spur that also held the dual gauge track.Cropped View; the Taylor & Bruntin Sampler, Located on Victor Pass.
Photo by: Unknown
My Collection; Photographs. Cropped view from my Enhanced, Straightened version of the 1200dpi scan.
Media ID: 326
Id No. (Mine / 1902 map):
Date Located / Formed:
Victor Pass (East Bull Hill)
Location Map Description:
Discovery / Formed by:
    Fate details:
    Owned by:
    • Geo. E. Copeland
      -> 1908-08-06 [reported As Owners]
    • et al. (and Others)
      -> 1908-08-06 [reported As Owners]
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      Patented Date:
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      • Extra Note 1
        ---> My PicDB; P-03643 & P-03715 Show Dual Gauge Tracks
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      General notes:
      Erected in 1901, in Operation since April 1902. At some unknown time it was served by Dual Gauge Tracks also, see pics in my collection.
      graphic for visual presentation of text In early August 1908 I read info it has been purchased by Geo. E. Copeland et al., making it fit info I also seen later about a Copeland Sampler.