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Last Dollar
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The Last Dollar Mine.
Photo by: Andrew James Harlan
My Collection; From page 14 in a 1901 book named Program of Trans-Mississippi Commercial Congress.
Media ID: 170
This version of my postcard is straightened so the sidewalls of the Last Dollar looks straighter then they did on the postcard, I also extended the upper right 30 pixels to the right, and then the lower right I extended down 40 pixels on the 300dpi scan. Cropped that and did an enhancement in terms of the light in the scene and some levels work.
   I think the background right is showing part of what was to become Portland Mill on top of Battle Mountain, while the head frame and high tower like structure in background against the sky just right of the center left/right is from what I'm able to gather, the Portland No. 2 Shaft & headframe, as it looks very much like some other views I have of it. I felt it was too visible from this angle, but I've been unsuccessful to find any other mine in that area to fit, so it must be the Portland No. 2 shaft.
   The railroad track in lower left is the Short Line/High Line roadbed going towards town of Independence and the route down passed Goldfield and into Victor, while the railroad tracks seen nearly buried in the dumps at the Last Dollar mine is the side-spur of the Golden Circle 3-foot track going towards the Vindicator Mines and for a short while the Black Sampler at Victor Pass.Last Dollar Mine [enhanced]
Photo by: H. & H. Studio [Hileman & Hill]
My Collection; Postcards, straighen, twisted, enhanced from my 300dpi scan.
Media ID: 261
While it is marked with Last Dollar looking North, it also shows part of the Short Line branch track towards Portland/Ajax mine, before it became part of the new High Line that went around of Goldfield, and the original High Line trolley line runs in the foreground showing part of a junction and spur track leading into Dyer Station, outside the view at left.
   Also, in the extreme foreground, the 3-ft narrow gauge track of a sidetrack of the Golden Circle can been seen, going towards what would later become the Portland Mill location. Then, about middle of photo, there stands a F. & C.C. boxcar up on the track passing by the Last Dollar mine.
   In addition, there are quite a few structures around providing good modeling inspiration! I did procure the colored image used; source had a gray-tone image.Last Dollar Mine Looking North
Photo by: Andrew James Harlan
My Collection; From page 51 in the 1903 New Year issue of Cripple Creek Times. I did procure the colored version of this image.
Media ID: 386
Id No. (Mine / 1902 map):
Date Located / Formed:
Bull Hill
Location Map Description:
Discovery / Formed by:
  • Patrick McDermid ( 1904-02-25 [reported as Locator; Mining Reporter] )
Fate details:
Owned by:
  • Hiram A. Mills
    -> 1893-04-17 [claim Map]
  • Mr. Cadman
    -> 1896-02-15 [reported As Owner]
  • Mr. Dickson
    -> 1896-02-15 [reported As Owner]
  • Mr. Eiler
    -> 1896-02-15 [reported As Owner]
  • Last Dollar Gold Mining Company
    -> 1900 [reported As Owner]
Known claims:
  • Last Dollar lode - 8281
Claim Links:
Location Claim Description:
Patented Date:
Mineral Certificate No.:
General Land Office No.:
Known Transportation Connection:
  • Extra Note 1
    ---> My PicDB; P-02141 Show Dual Gauge Tracks
Extra Info/Details [Linked at One Time to the Entity]:
Electrical Hoist
Known Producing Info:
November 1899 Thirty-three ounce gold ore
General notes: