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Morning Times 03.12.1895 Volume: Issue: 195
Page: 2 [Mining Notes]: Last Dollar

  There is no doubt that some exceedingly good stuff is coming out of Cripple Creek mines.
  On the Last Dollar mine the estimated output for November is from 20 to 25 tons per ton, and 1,000 tons of low grade, running from $7 to $10 per ton.
  From a number of other mines comes equally satisfactory reports.
- Money (London)

The Engineering & Mining Journal 11.01.1896 Volume: Issue: 2
Page: 37 [General Mining News]: Last Dollar

  Lost Dollar [probably print error for Last Dollar], on Bull Hill, is in 1895 on the list of new steady shippers.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 15.02.1896 Volume: Issue: 7
Page: 165 [General Mining News]: Last Dollar

  The lessees on this claim have only about five days to work, the output during the year having been 60 tons a day. This property was one of the 1895 shippers and the lessees have done well on the property; the bonded price was 175,000, the present owners, Messrs. Eiler of the Colorado Smelting Comnany, Pueblo, with Messrs. Dickson
& Cadman of Denver, being the purchasers at $100,000.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 18.04.1896 Volume: Issue: 16
Page: 381 [General Mining News]: Last Dollar

  Since it came in the hands of the owners this mine has been actively worked. Three steam hoists are running, but the owners contemplate closing one temporarily.
  A very important strike was made in the Dickson shaft this week. The mine employs 70 men. The lessees shipped over $168,000 net in less than six months from this property above the 200-ft. level.

The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 15.01.1897 Volume: Issue: 8
Page: 8 [General Mining News]: Output of the Last Dollar Mine for 1896

Cripple Creek Mail:
  The Last Dollar Mine, one of the leading Cripple Creek Mines, employing 60 men, did output for 1896 a total of 5,000 tons at a Gross Value of $200,000.

The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 15.03.1897 Volume: Issue: 12
Page: 12 [General Mining News]: Last Dollar

  The Last Dollar, Cripple Creek, shipped last month thirty-six cars of ore to the cyanide mill at Florence and fourteen to the Pueblo smelters. The first ran from $18 to $20, and second from five to seven ounces.

Colorado State Mining Directory, 1898 - Buyer's Guide to Representative Mining Machinery and Supply Houses of America 1898 Volume: Issue: 0
Page: 197 [Mine Info]: Last Dollar Mine

Principal Producing Cripple Creek Mines - 1898:

Name:                        Last Dollar Mine (Bull Hill
Owner:                        Last Dollar Gold Mining Co.
Capital:                $1,000,000
President:                A. Eilers, Pueblo
Superintendent:        Charles Waldron, Victor
Manager:                A. Eilers, Pueblo
Description:                377-foot shaft; 50-horse power upright boiler; Fairbanks-Morse double flat friction hoist.
Employes:                100 employes

Morning Times 10.10.1899 Volume: Issue: 265
Page: 1 [Mining Notes]: Last Dollar

  Manager Waldron on the Last Dollar closed an eleven car shipment yesterday. One car was very high grade mineral and it will be surprising if it does not net $2,000 to the ton.

Morning Times 22.10.1899 Volume: Issue: 0
Page: 1 [Mining Notes]: Last Dollar

  The Last Dollar mine on Bull hill will have an enormous house when the new one is completed and it is rapidly nearing completion.

The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 15.11.1899 Volume: Issue: 4
Page: 46 [General Mining News]: Last Dollar

  Thirty-three ounce gold has been shipped from the Last Dollar.

Aspen Democrat 09.03.1901 Volume: Issue: 181
Page: 2 [Mines and Notes]: Last Dollar Strike

  The showing being made at this time upon the phenomenal strip in the 1,050-foot level of the Last Dollar mine at Victor is of such a remarkable nature that the company has determined to sink its main shaft another 100 feet, making the total depth 1,150 feet.
  The reason why more is not known about this wonderful strike is the fact that the company is a close corporation. It is known, however, that the rich ore contains slipt of sylvanite of unheard of richness. A mining expert who examined the property saw silver of sylvanite eighteen inches long and ninety per cent metallic.
  This is the highest record for the Cripple Creek district.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 16.05.1903 Volume: Issue: 0
Page: 762 [General Mining News]: Last Dollar

  A strike of sulphide ore is reported in the 1,250-ft. level. It is said to be one of the richest strikes ever made in the district, but sufficient work has not been done to determine what it will amount to.
  Charles Walden is in charge.

PROFITS - A Journal of Finance and Mining Worth While 23.05.1903 Volume: Issue: 8
Page: 2 [Mining Notes]: Last Dollar

   One of the most important strikes in the district was made Sunday night last, when a 20 inch vein of iron sulphide ore was opened in the 1250 foot level of the Last Dollar mine.
  This is the first strike in the district of iron gold values. The ore averages 42 ounces of gold to the ton, besides 50 to 100 ounces of silver, and is well up in copper.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 14.01.1904 Volume: Issue: 2
Page: 96 [General Mining News]: Last Dollar

  This Bull hill mine has a new sampling plant that means a considerable saving to the company; also a new washing machine.
There are about 50 men now working in the mine, and the output is about 40 tons daily of 1,5 oz. ore.
  About two years ago sinking stopped on account of water at a depth of 1,240 ft. Sinking will soon be resumed, as the water has fallen.

PROFITS - A Journal of Finance and Mining Worth While 20.02.1904 Volume: Issue: 47
Page: 4 [Mining Notes]: Last Dollar

  The Last Dollar mine located on Bull hill, sent out during the past month over 800 tons of ore, every pound of which is smelting grade. The ore was broken in drifts extending from every level from the 100 foot point down to 1200 feet. It has just been made public that this mine recently made some shipments of exceptionally high grade ore. One carload was settled for at the rate of $1960 per ton or $39,200 for the lot.
  Two other cars are said to have returned $48,000. This ore was uncovered at the bottom of the main shaft which is 1250 feet in depth.
  The mine is closely guarded, which is indication enough that something better than low grade ore is being mined.

Mining Reporter 03.08.1905 Volume: Issue: 5
Page: 118 [Mining News]: Last Dollar

  An entirely new ore shoot has been opened up in this property on Bull Hill. While the full extent of the new discovery has not been determined, the ore thus far encountered assays several ounces in gold.

Mining Reporter 19.10.1905 Volume: Issue: 16
Page: 404 [Mining News]: Last Dollar

  Sixteen sets of lessees are now operating in various parts of this property on Bull hill. The tonnage is increasing daily.

Mining Reporter 04.01.1906 Volume: Issue: 1
Page: 16 [Mining News]: Last Dollar

  An extra force of men will be put to work on this property this week to handle the ore opened up in the explorations conducted during the past two months.

The Western Investors Review 03.1908 Volume: Issue: 10
Page: 50 [News Of The Mines]: Last Dollar Drill Contest

  What will probably be the greatest drilling contest ever held in this state has been decided upon, and the manufacturers of the following machine drills will enter:
  • Shaw
  • Waugh
  • Murphy
  • McFarland
  • Sullivan
  • Traylor
  • Hardsogg
  • Jones
  The contest is for the purpose of testing the merit of the different makes of drills, both as to power and the durability of the steel, and will last 14 days.
  The machines are to be operated at the Last Dollar mine, on Bull hill.

The Mining World 28.03.1908 Volume: Issue: 13
Page: 535 [Mining News]: Last Dollar

  A 50-ton shipment of smelting grade ore was made last week from the Last Dollar mine, on Bull hill, under lease to the Western Investment Co. The ore was mined between the 500 and 700 levels, where the vein is of fair size. A large force is employed at the mine, and a large amount of development work is going on.
  The leasing company expects to show a big tonnage at the closing of the month. Improvements on the machinery have recently been completed.

Mining Science 16.04.1908 Volume: Issue: 16
Page: 393 [Mining News]: Last Dollar

  Good shipments are being made from the Last Dollar property on Bull hill by the Western Investment Co.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 18.12.1909 Volume: Issue: 25
Page: 1244 [General Mining News]: Last Dollar

  This mine, credited with a production of $2,000,000, but which has been idle since 1904, has been leased for 18 months to responsible parties, and will be put in active operation at once.
  The main shaft is 1278 ft. deep, with 12,000 ft. of drifts and crosscuts. It is fully equipped with powerful machinery.

Mining Science 09.05.1912 Volume: Issue: 1 685
Page: 426 [a34] [Mining News]: Last Dollar

  The Last Dollar mine on Bull hill, which is in the hands of trustees, Franklin Brooks being the chairman, have granted a 60-day prospecting permit to G. May of Colorado Springs.

Mining and Scientific Press 19.04.1919 Volume: Issue: 16
Page: 540 [Review of Mining]: Last Dollar

  The Modoc company in March shipped from the Last Dollar mine on Bull hill 350 tons of ore, worth from $18 to $38 per ton.

Mining and Scientific Press 24.01.1920 Volume: Issue: 4
Page: 129 [Review of Mining]: Last Dollar

  Daily shipments of good ore are leaving the Modoc Consolidated company's No. 2 or Last Dollar shaft on Bull hill at the rate of 50 tons daily.

Mining and Scientific Press 07.02.1920 Volume: Issue: 6
Page: 211 [Review of Mining]: Last Dollar

  An additional electric compressor of 10-drlll capacity has been added to the equipment at the No. 2 shaft of the Modoc Consolidated company, preparatory to development of the Combination claim, north-west of the Last Dollar mine, on which the No. 2 shaft is situated.

Mining and Scientific Press 13.03.1920 Volume: Issue: 11
Page: 388 [Review of Mining]: Last Dollar

  Operations have been resumed, after temporary shut-downs of brief duration for repairs at the Last Dollar mine of the Modoc Consolidated Mines Co. A Wellman-Seaver-Morgan electric hoist with capacity to 2000 ft. equipped with a 3-ton skip, has been ordered for the Last Dollar shaft.
  Both properties have resumed production.

Mining and Scientific Press 24.07.1920 Volume: Issue: 4
Page: 134 [Review of Mining]: Last Dollar

  Development work at the Last Dollar shaft, Modoc Consolidated Mines Co., is centred in the long cross-cut through the Combination claim, to the north-west.
  This cross-cut when completed will be 2400 ft. in length with cross-cuts at intervals to exploit this undeveloped territory. The cross-cut should cut every known vein and dike that traverses this claim.
  At the 1200-ft. level, three veins are under development in ground south and east of the shaft.

Mining and Scientific Press 14.08.1920 Volume: Issue: 7
Page: 246 [Review of Mining]: Last Dollar

  Important discoveries have been made by the Modoc Consolidated company on the south-east slope of Bull hill. The Modoc find was made at 1300 ft. from the Last Dollar or No. 2 shaft. The orebody in places measures 40 ft. in width and is of good milling grade.

Mining and Scientific Press 11.12.1920 Volume: Issue: 24
Page: 850 [Review of Mining]: Last Dollar

  The most powerful electric hoist in this district is being installed at the No. 2 or Last Dollar shaft of the Modoc Consolidated Mines Co. It was manufactured by a Cleveland firm and has a hoisting capacity for 2500 ft.
  The estimated cost installed exceeds $35,000.

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