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Mining and Engineering World [former Mining World] 09.12.1911 Volume: Issue: 24
Page: 1188 [General Mining News]: Clyde Mine

  Active operations are to be resumed on the Clyde mine on Bull hill. It has been closed for several years, but is now coming into prominence by reason of the opening of rich ore bodies in the Modoc

Mining and Scientific Press 12.01.1918 Volume: Issue: 2
Page: 68 [The Mining Summary]: Clyde Shaft of the Millasier Mining Company

(Special Correspondence - Cripple Creek, January 5.) - Due to deep discoveries at the Vindicator Company shafts, other properties has gone for deeper developments too, and the Millasier Mining Co. has sunk the Clyde shaft on Battle mountain to a depth of 1500 ft.

Mining and Scientific Press 23.02.1918 Volume: Issue: 8
Page: 271 [Review of Mining]: Clyde Mine

  The Millasier Mining Corporation is cutting a station at a depth of 1450 ft. of the Clyde, on the northeast slope of Battle mountain, and the superintendent, Charles Fish, has started to cross-cut for the Clyde vein this week.

Mining and Scientific Press 06.04.1918 Volume: Issue: 14
Page: 490 [Review of Mining]: Clyde Shaft

  The Clyde shaft of the Millasier Mines Corporation has been sunk to a depth of 1425 ft. The station at 1400-ft. level is now being timbered preparatory to development.

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