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Theresa Mine
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The Upper Theresa property, commonly known as the Tatman shaft, promises to become one of the wonderful producers of that section made famous by the Vindicator and Golden Cycle mines. It is located on the south slope of Bull Hill, which has become known as one of the greatest treasure vaults of the Cripple Creek district.
   The main shaft is 200 feet deep, and about 600 feet of drifting has already been accomplished. It is owned by the Theresa Gold Mining Co., and consists of half a claim. It has been a good producer, and under the energetic policy pursued by the lessee, may yet rank with its next-door neighbors, the Golden Cycle and Vindicator.
   W. H. Wilson, the lessee, began work on the property two years ago, and his success has more than exceeded his expectations. He intends to push development work on the property along with the usual hoisting of ore.The Upper Theresa Mine, Tatman Shaft, Under lease to W.H. Wilson.
Photo by: Unknown
My Collection; From page 17 in Seeing Cripple Creek, January 1905 (Vol. 4, No. 2). I've added the coloring scheme using my computer.
Media ID: 373
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Bull Cliff / Bull Hill
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  • Robert Hughes ( Info From Claim/Survey Map )
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  • Robert Hughes
    -> 1894-10-27 [claim Map]
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  • Theresa lode - 9054
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