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Ajax Mine
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This view of the huge structures at the Ajax Mine, which was located on top of Battle Mountain at Victor (Cripple Creek District), Colorado, shows many things of interest, I think.
   In foreground lower right is the Crib-tunnel for Golden Circle trackage beneath the dumping ground of the upper Dead Pine operations, and further to the left along the bottom is the cribbing wall holding back some waste dump growing beside the Golden Circle mainline passed the mine.
   On the right-hand side is a steep trestle with rails on it to take ore-cars up to a dumping point up along the end of the Short Line spur to this mine, there are cabins and other structures climbing the hill in the background, and there are trees surviving this area even.Ajax Mine Structure
Photo by: Unknown
From my collection, scan from a negative taken from some unknown print source, possible from an 1903 published issue. I've added the coloring part.
Media ID: 364
Cropped view showing the still covered Ajax Mine and large Ore-house. Not the best view, but it is a long distance shot from high up along 7th Street in Victor, so hard to get a good quality shot. Lot of big dumps around this, as with the other mines in the area, making the below ground look like swiss cheese I presume.Cropped View of the Ajax Mine, From a A View Along 7th Street in Victor.
Photo by: Harry L. Standley
My Collection; Photographs, cropped from a 1200dpi scan.
Media ID: 180
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Battle Mountain
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      Known claims:
      • Mammoth Pearl lode - 7913
      • Monarch lode - 7913
      • Apex lode - 8178
      • Hallett lode - 8768
      • Hamburg lode - 8768
      • Champion lode - 9493
      • June Blizzard lode - 11564
      • Orpha Nell lode - 11674
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