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The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 15.01.1897 Volume: 16 [XVI] Issue: 8
Page: 8 [General Mining News]: Output of the Gold Coin Mine for 1896

Cripple Creek Mail:
  The Gold Coin Mine, one of the leading Cripple Creek Mines, employing 100 men, did output for 1896 a total of 5,000 tons at a Gross Value of $200,000.

The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 01.04.1897 Volume: 17 [XVII] Issue: 1
Page: 12 [General Mining News]: Gold Coin Company

  The Gold Coin company shipped last week 320 tons of ore, which is expected to return an average value of $35 per ton. This makes an income for the week of $11,000

United States Investor and Promoter of American Enterprises. 25.12.1897 Volume: 8 [VIII] Issue: 52
Page: 1560 [Article]: Gold Coin

  Gold Coin, of Cripple Creek district, continues to keep up its big output, which is now over 2,500 tons per month of an average value of $35 per ton.
  It has declared its second dividend of 1c. per share, payable to stockholders of record, 20th inst. Two other stocks, whose properties are controlled by the same parties (the Woods Investment Co., of Victor, who have made so great a success of the Gold Coin), are climbing steadily upward.
  The public are inclined to believe that the same energy and good business methods shown in the management of the one, are likely to make a success of the others.

Colorado State Mining Directory, 1898 - Buyer's Guide to Representative Mining Machinery and Supply Houses of America 1898 Volume: Issue: 0
Page: 194 [Mine Info]: Gold Coin Mine

Principal Producing Cripple Creek Mines - 1898:

Name:                        Gold Coin Nos 1, 2 & 3
Owner:                        Gold Coin Mining and Leasing Co.
Capital:                $1,000,000
President:                H. E. Woods
Secretary:                F. M. Woods
Manager:                F. M. Woods
Description:                shafts, No. 1, 348 feet; No. 2, 214 feet; No. 3, 325 feet; two 80-horse power tubular boilers, one made by Fairbanks, Morse & Co., one "H. & B. Mfg. Co.;" 3-drill Ingersoll-Sergeant compressor; two 6x8 hoists, and 100-horse power 10x14 geared hoisting engine.
Employes:                125 employes
Contact:                postoffice, Victor

Morning Times 29.04.1898 Volume: 5 [V] Issue: 324
Page: 3 [Article]: Gold Coin Ships to Van Fleet Sampler



Gold Coin Will Furnish 75 Tons a Day for That Period.

  A contract has been entered into by the Gold Coin Gold Mining company and the Van Fleet sampler by which the latter is to receive and treat for the big mine 75 tons of ore daily for a period of six months.
  This sampler was until recently known as the Gold Ore sampler, and has been purchased my Mr. Van Fleet since severing his connection with the Midland sampler at Cripple Creek.

Morning Times 01.05.1898 Volume: 5 [V] Issue: 326
Page: 5 [Article]: Gold Coin





Some of the Ore Sent Out From Cripple's Mines

  Gold Coin is now producing at the rate of about 125 tons per day. Actual shipment have been cut down about 500 tons during the past week, owing to the inability of the railroads to haul the ore. The delay has been caused by the moving of the warehouse across the track of the Coin switch. Production has been going on steadily, however, and a large quantity of ore is being saved.

The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 01.08.1898 Volume: 19 [XIX] Issue: 9
Page: 8 [Dividends]: Gold Coin Dividends

  The following company is a principal dividend paying Colorado Mine, the amount and total dividends paid, together with date of same.
  Gold Coin, dividend No. 8, 1c.
  • amount, $10,000
  • Total, $80,000
  • Last paid, June 25, 1898.

Eagle County Times 27.08.1898 Volume: 12 [XII] Issue: 17
Page: 3 [Mining Notes]: Columbine-Victor Tunnel About 3,200 Feet From Gold Coin Shaft



One of the Important Cripple Creek Enterprise.

  One of the most important tunnel enterprises in the Cripple Creek district, says the Mining Reporter, is the Columbine-Victor bore that is being pushed from the west side of Squaw mountain.
  The tunnel is now in about 1,800 feet, but when completed it will be nearly 5,000 feet in length and will connect with the Gold Coin mine, on the east side of Squaw mountain, within the town limits.
  The depth at which the tunnel will tap the mine will be about 120 feet.

  The work of driving the tunnel has been prosecuted steadily by the Woods Investment Company, which is arranging to erect a mill on the west side of Squaw for the purpose of treating the low grade ores of the Gold Coin mine.
  The ore will be transported through the long tunnel to the new mill, where it will be treated and at a profit.

  There is little doubt that the Columbine-Victor tunnel has already cut a large body of pay ore at some point in the mountain. The erection of immense ore bins has been started.
  It does not seem reasonable to expect that they would be built at the west end of the tunnel in order to furnish storage room for Gold Coin ores, when more than 3,000 feet of the tunnel are still to be driven before it will reach the Gold Coin mine.
  Ground has also been cleared for the company's mill at the point named. The fact appears to be that another valuable shipper has been added to the list of gold mines in the south end of the district, and that Squaw mountain will again soon be numbered among the valuable mineral sections of the district.

The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 01.11.1898 Volume: 20 [XX] Issue: 3
Page: 13 [Dividends]: Gold Coin Dividend

  The September dividend from the Gold Coin Company amounted to $10,000.

The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 15.11.1898 Volume: 20 [XX] Issue: 4
Page: 13 [Dividends]: Gold Coin Dividends

  The Denver Mining Reporter publishes that the dividends paid this month from the Gold Coin Company amounted to $10,000.

The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 15.12.1898 Volume: 20 [XX] Issue: 6
Page: 14 [Dividends]: Gold Coin Dividend

(Colorado Springs Investor)
  November dividends for the Gold Coin Company amounted to $10,000.

Morning Times 30.08.1899 Volume: 7 [VII] Issue: 231
Page: 3 [Article]: Gold Coin Rebuilding



Gold Coin Shaft House to be Rebuilt at Once.

  The work of undoing what the disastrous fire had done to the Gold Coin workings and shaft building is progressing rapidly. The timbers in the shaft were found to have been burned out for a depth of 200 feet. The stations at the first, second and third levels were found full of dirt, cars, drills, pump columns, timbers, etc., and presented a sorry spectacle.
  The first level has been cleaned out and the men are at work cleaning up the second and third. The debris is being dumped into the old stopes.

  There is now about 100 feet of water in the shaft, but no damage is being done by it. The miners obtain access to the workings through old No. 3 shaft. The work of retimbering the shaft from the surface has already commenced. A large force is at work on the surface clearing away the outer edges of the dump for the masonary.
  The new shaft buildings are to consist of a steel gallows frame and a brick and steel shaft house.

Morning Times 31.12.1899 Volume: Issue: 0
Page: 5 [Article]: Gold Coin Mine of the Woods Investment Company

Taken from a longer article about the Ore Output for 1899.
The work of the year may be shown in the figures of the Woods Investment company, the ore shipped from this property owned by the company is as follows:



Gold Coin


$ 1,250,000

The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 15.01.1900 Volume: 22 [XXII] Issue: 8
Page: 102 [General Mining News]: Gold Coin Company

  The Gold Coin is just completing a $200,000 plant recently.

The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 01.12.1900 Volume: 23 [XXIII] Issue: 5
Page: 80 [General Mining News]: Gold Coin

  The Gold Coin near Victor is said by some to be the greatest mine in the Cripple Creek district. It is owned by a private company.
  The mine has two continuous veins with a distance of 800 feet vertically and which have been followed on two levels for over 500 feet.
  It is estimated that the returns from this mine will exceed the yield of the Independence or the Portland, which have already made its owners very rich.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 28.02.1903 Volume: Issue: 0
Page: 345 [General Mining News]: Gold Coin Mining and Leasing Company

  The output is about 60 tons of ore per day, from the 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th and 10th levels.  Part of this ore is coming from the Dorothy vein and the rest from the main vein. It is also understood that the managment will lease the southern portion of the Gold Coin claim near the surface.
  The property is situated in the town of Victor and is controlled by the Woods Investment Company. F.M. Woods is general manager.

PROFITS - A Journal of Finance and Mining Worth While 24.10.1903 Volume: 3 [III] Issue: 30
Page: 2 [Mining Notes]: Gold Coin

  A strike of unusual importance is reported from the Gold Coin Mine, one of the former bonanzas of the camp. An ore shoot 16 feet in width and of indefinite length has just been uncovered, every ton of which can be mined at a profit.
  Assays run from $100 to $1,000 per ton, and it is expected that the average value of the ore will yield handsome returns to the company.

Seeing Cripple Creek 01.1904 Volume: 2 [II} Issue: 2
Page: 14 [Notices]: Gold Coin

Taken from a longer article;

The Gold Coin.

  The Gold Coin mine, located in the very heart of the city of Victor, has not only maintained a steady and large production since it was discovered, but every few months it opens new ore bodies of wonderful richness. It has just made a big strike in the 900-foot level, 1,000 feet north of the main shaft. The new vein is very wide and runs higher in values than anything ever taken out of the mine. This mine has the finest shaft house in the district and has already paid more than $1,000,000 in dividends to its stockholders.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 15.07.1905 Volume: 80 [LXXX] Issue: 2
Page: 86 [General Mining News]: Granite Gold Mining Company's Gold Coin Shaft

  Considerable work is being done through the Gold Coin shaft in this property. It is understood that the Granite shaft is to be sunk to connect with this shaft.
  In the meantime, a fair output is being maintained.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 19.08.1905 Volume: 80 [LXXX] Issue: 7
Page: 325 [General Mining News]: Gold Coin

  This property is being principally operated by lessees, who are working on the various levels. Ore is also being extracted from the Granite mine through this shaft.
  The management of the property also use the mine to show tourists through. The tourists are lowered through the Gold Coin shaft and taken through the Columbine tunnel by trolley, a distance of nearly a mile, to the Economic mill.
  A charge of $1 for each person is made.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 02.12.1905 Volume: 80 [LXXX] Issue: 22
Page: 1038 [Special Correspondence]: Gold Coin Mine to Possible Be Sold

  During the past few days there was considerable talk in regard to a deal, including the sale of the famous Gold Coin mine at Victor, owned by the Woods Investment Co., to the United States Refining & Reduction Co., the principal stockholders in which already own the Granite property, located a short distance above.

Mining Reporter 07.12.1905 Volume: 52 [LII] Issue: 23
Page: 572 [Sale of Mines]: Granite Gold Mining Company Bought the Gold Coin Mine

  The Granite Gold Mining Company has just purchased thirteen acres of land in the Cripple Creek district, together with the shaft of the Gold Coin mine. While the consideration has not been made public it is understood to be $150,000.

  The Gold Coin Company reserves the right to use the shaft and equipment for operating the surrounding property which it controls. The Granite company secures direct connection between its new ground and the Gold Coin shaft.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 09.12.1905 Volume: 80 [LXXX] Issue: 23
Page: 1087 [Special Correspondence]: Gold Coin Mine Sold

  Denver, Dec. 1 - The property of the Gold Coin Mining & Leasing Co., at Cripple Creek, has been transferred to the Granite Gold Mining Co., whose property adjoins it on the north.
  The Granite Co. is a close corporation controlled by prominent parties at Colorado Springs, among them Tutt & Penrose and Charles M. McNeill, and has been a heavy shipper for some time.
  The plan is to work the Granite mine after this, through the Gold Coin shaft, from the 900-ft. level.
  It is not possible to state the price at which the sale was made, but as the plant of the Gold Coin mine alone represents an original outlay of about $200,000, a large amount is involved.
  It is generally understood that the mill of the Economic Gold Extraction Co., situated at the mouth of the tunnel, through which the Gold Coin property has been partly operated, is not included in the sale.

The Mining World 14.09.1907 Volume: 27 [XXVII] Issue: 11
Page: 447 [Mining News]: Gold Coin

  At present eight sets of lessees are engaged in the Gold Coin workings, while nine sets are working through the upper Granite shaft. Most of these are in pay ore.
  The company is operating on its own account on the 900 and 1,000 levels and is making regular shipments of good grade.

The Mining World 21.09.1907 Volume: 27 [XXVII] Issue: 12
Page: 487 [Mining News]: Gold Coin

  Stewart & Co. have opened up good ore in the Gold Coin workings of the Granite property on Battle mountain. The vein is increasing in size as development proceeds and the ore is showing values of 4 to 5 ounces.
  There are seven sets of lessees operating in the Gold Coin and 11 sets are working through the main shaft of the Granite property. All the lessees are reported to be making money.

Mining Science 16.01.1908 Volume: 57 [LVII] Issue: 3
Page: 81 [Mining News]: Gold Coin of the Granite Company

  Leasers are making profitable shipments from the Gold Coin, of the Granite Co.

Mining Science 30.01.1908 Volume: 57 [LVII] Issue: 5
Page: 129 [Mining News]: Gold Coin

  A large pump was installed last week at the 1,000-ft. level of the Gold Coin shaft of the Granite Co. to facilitate the unwatering of said shaft to the 12th level.

The Mining World 15.02.1908 Volume: 28 [XXVIII] Issue: 7
Page: 304 [Mining News]: Gold Coin shaft

  Since the recovering of the 1,000 level in the Gold Coin shaft of the Granite Co.'s property on Battle mountain, ore of a good grade is being hoisted from that section of the mine and a car of mineral expected to net $75 to the ton has been sent out.
  The Granite Co. is making a big output and shipping on an average
of five cars a day. The ore sent to the mill is of grades ranging from 1.5 to 4 ozs. in gold to the ton.

The Mining World 07.03.1908 Volume: 28 [XXVIII] Issue: 10
Page: 420 [Mining News]: Gold Coin of the Granite Gold Mining Company

  Charles L. Tutt. treasurer of the Granite Gold Mining Co., reports that operations on the company's property on Battle mountain, conducted by Resident Manager Daniel L. McCarthy, are very satisfactory.
  The Granite Co. is making an output of better than 2,000 tons a month and the ore is averaging about $33 to the ton. The holdings of the company are the Granite, Dillon, Gold Coin and Monument mines, all good producers.
  A number of lessees are operating at a good profit.

Mining Science 30.07.1908 Volume: 58 [LVIII] Issue: 5
Page: 94 [Obituary]: - Personal, H.L. Stonestreet

  H. L. Stonestreet, a prominent leaser in the Cripple Creek district was almost instantly killed last Saturday by falling from the 700-ft, to the 800-ft. level of the Gold Coin shaft, in Cripple Creek.

Mining Science 24.09.1908 Volume: 58 [LVIII] Issue: 13
Page: 242 [Article]: Gold Coin shaft

[Mention in an article talking about Tunnel Machines and Flying Machines and how the info around them both seem to use 1 minute as a way to tell how great they will be.]

  Retallack & Redfields prospectus tells that during a test made in the Gold Coin shaft of the Granite mine at Cripple Creek some time ago, using a single 5-in drill in a revolving head, both similar to those used in a complete machine, it was demonstrated that the complete machine would go better than 1.5 in. per minute, or at the rate of 8 ft. per hour.

Mining Science 24.09.1908 Volume: 58 [LVIII] Issue: 13
Page: 253 [Article]: Gold Coin shaft

[Mention in an article talking about THE RETALLACK-REDFIELD TUNNEL MACHINE]

  During a test made in the Gold Coin shaft of the Granite mine at Cripple Creek some time ago, Messrs. Retallack and Redfield, by using a single 5-in. drill in a revolving head, both similar to those used in a complete machine, demonstrated that the machine would cut better than 1.5 in. per minute, or at the rate of 8 ft. per hour.

The Western Investors Review 05.1909 Volume: 15 [XV] Issue: 10
Page: 9 [Mines and Mining]: Granite Gold Mining Company

  The Little lease has opened another pay streak on the 500-foot level of the Gold Coin shaft.

Mining Science 11.11.1909 Volume: 60 [LX] Issue: 1 554
Page: 451 [Mining News]: Gold Coin Shaft of the Granite Company

  Sixty-five cars of ore, or approximately 2,000 tons, with a gross bullion value of about $56,000, was the October production made by lessees of the Granite Co.
  The properties on Battle mountain from which the ore was shipped are the Granite, Gold Coin, Monument, Dillon and Little Granite mines.
  The dump at the Gold Coin shaft is also being worked over by lessees.

Mining Science 12.05.1910 Volume: 61 [LXI] Issue: 1 580
Page: 451 [Mining News]: Gold Coin Property Helps with April Production of the Granite Gold Mining Company

  The properties of the Granite Gold Mining Co., the Granite, Gold Coin, Monument, Dillon and Little Granite, on Battle mountain, overlooking the city of Victor or within its corporate limits, operated under the leasing system, made heavy production during April.
  The total shipments exceeded 2,600 tons and the average value was about $30 per ton. In all there are 38 sets of lessees at work, including the dump lessees, and shipments for the month were 70 cars of mine ore and 10 cars of dump ore.

Mining Science 30.06.1910 Volume: 61 [LXI] Issue: 1 587
Page: 620 [Mining News]: Gold Coin shaft

  Acting under instructions from General Manager Clarence C. Hamlin of the Granite Gold M. Co., Superintendent Dan McCarthy will close down the Gold Coin shaft preparatory to the retimbering of the shaft to a depth of 700 ft.
  During this work no ore will be hoisted, but the compressor will be kept in commission to furnish air for several sets of lessees on the other holdings of the company on Battle mountain.
  Lumber is arriving and the mine carpenters and timbermen are at work framing the shaft timbers. The Coin shaft has been sunk to a depth of 1,200 ft., but the levels below the 1,000-ft. point are submerged.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 17.09.1910 Volume: 90 [XC] Issue: 12
Page: 575 [General Mining News]: Granite

  The retimbering of the Gold Coin shaft having been completed, many leases are being granted, and as soon as the Granite lower levels have been unwatered it is expected that the production will reach 1000 tons per month.

Mining Science 22.12.1910 Volume: 62 [LXII] Issue: 1 612
Page: 610 [Mining News]: Gold Coin Shaft

  The water receded in the Gold Coin shaft of the Granite Gold Mining Co. 4 ft. in 20 days. With about 90 ft. of water yet to be lowered, the company is every day making arrangements at the Coins shaft to begin work on the main Granite vein, which has been opened in the tenth level.

Mining and Engineering World [former Mining World] 02.12.1911 Volume: 35 [XXXV] Issue: 23
Page: 1134 [General Mining News]: Gold Coin

  Recession of water in the Gold Coin is about 3 ins. a day. There are 15 sets of lessees shipping at the rate of a car a day.

Mining and Engineering World [former Mining World] 23.12.1911 Volume: 35 [XXXV] Issue: 26
Page: 1289 [General Mining News]: Gold Coin shaft of the Granite Company

  The average daily recession of water in the Gold Coin shaft on Battle mountain is 3 ins., and it is expected that miners can be put to work on the 10th level in a very short time.

Mining Science 07.03.1912 Volume: 65 [LXV] Issue: 1 675
Page: 245 & 247 [a33] [Mining News]: Gold Coin

  An important strike has been made by Christenson & Co., on the 900-ft. level of the Gold Coin, in a block north of the shaft in the old Granite workings.
  From a stringer from the main vein a car of 3-oz. ore was shipped recently. The values have been opened for 40 ft.

Mining Science 11.04.1912 Volume: 65 [LXV] Issue: 1 681
Page: 346 [a34] [Mining News]: Gold Coin shaft

  A rich discovery for the Granite Gold Mining Co. and for Lessees Ben Prentice and W. H. Gildea, has been made at the 800-ft. level of the Gold Coin shaft on the Dorothy vein.
  The Dorothy lode, a distinct sheeted zone in the granite, lies parallel to and west of the main Coin vein. It was first exposed in the level below, lies next to a narrow phonolite dike and at the contact high values obtain.

Mining Science 25.07.1912 Volume: 66 [LXVI] Issue: 1 696
Page: 67 [a27] [Mining News]: Gold Coin

  According to latest figures, the water has receded to a depth of 75 ft. below the tenth level of the Gold Coin on Battle mountain and the water is going down at the rate of 4 ins. a day.

Mining and Scientific Press 29.11.1913 Volume: 107 Issue: 22
Page: 870 [General Mining News]: Gold Coin

  Water in the Gold Coin shaft of the Granite company is now 38 ft. below the 1100-ft. level, where promising development is under way.

Mining and Scientific Press 01.11.1919 Volume: 119 Issue: 18
Page: 644 [Review of Mining]: Gold Coin to Be Dismantled

  The machinery at the Gold Coin shaft of the Granite Gold Mining Co., situated in the city of Victor, is to be dismantled and sold. The plant was one of the most costly ever installed in the district.
  The veins of the Gold Coin have been worked out to the bottom or 1200-ft. level, and except for scattered bunches of ore now being cleaned up by lessees no work is being done on this end of the property.

Mining and Scientific Press 24.01.1920 Volume: 120 Issue: 4
Page: 129 [Review of Mining]: Gold Coin Workings of Granite Gold Mining Co. Suspended

  Operations have been suspended in the Gold Coin workings of the Granite Gold Mining Co. in Victor, and the company and some 15 sets of lessees are operating through the Dillon shaft on Battle mountain.
Production for January will approximate 1000 tons of ore, ranging in value from $10 to $60 per ton.

Mining and Scientific Press 04.12.1920 Volume: 121 Issue: 23
Page: 812 [Review of Mining]: Former Gold Coin Hoist at Portland Gold Mining Company

  Foundation for the hoist, formerly in operation at the Gold Coin shaft of the Granite company at Victor, has been completed.

Mining and Scientific Press 11.12.1920 Volume: 121 Issue: 24
Page: 850 [Review of Mining]: Gold Coin Being Dismantled

  The former plant at the Gold Coin shaft, believed the most costly in this district, constructed at a cost of $260,000, is now being dismantled and the building, a steel and pressed-brick structure in the city of Victor, will be wrecked.
  The hoist and compressor have been sold, it is understood, to the Portland company. The Granite Gold Mining Co. has centralized operations at the Dillon shaft, on Battle mountain.

Mining and Scientific Press 19.02.1921 Volume: 122 Issue: 8
Page: 267-268 [Review of Mining]: Portland No. 2 Uses the Old Gold Coin Hoist

  Production has temporarily stopped from the No. 2 shaft to permit of the installation of the hoist formerly in use at the Gold Coin shaft of the Granite Gold Mining Co. in the city of Victor. The Granite company operations are now conducted from the Dillon shaft.

Mining and Scientific Press 10.09.1921 Volume: 123 Issue: 11
Page: 356 [Article]: Gold Coin 1903 Strike Info Piece

[Taken from an Interview with James L. Bruce done by T.A, Rickard and published in the September 10, 1921 issue of Mining & Scientific Press on page 353 to 364. Article also had two images related to the District on p355 - an overview Cripple Creek 1900 & the other of the Ajax Mine]

  *How long did you remain at Cripple Creek? Were you there during the big strike of 1903, and can you say anything about it.?*

  I was assisting Mr. Hills in an examination of the Dead Pine mine, which connected with the Gold Coin workings, and we were engaged in that work at the time an explosive trap was discovered on one of the stations of the Gold Coin shaft.
  The railroad station at Independence had been dynamited, the militia had been ordered to the district, and a semblance of order had been established.
  The Gold Coin organization had discovered a box of explosives that had been arranged to cause a wreck of the shaft and station by a trigger so set as to be operated by the passing of the cages.
  The discovery of this probably brought about the more effective guarding of the properties of the various companies.
  Additional militia were ordered to the scene of trouble. I remember well that one or more machineguns were trained by the militia on the approaches to the building in which our offices were located in Cripple Creek, as a protection to the Court in session in the same building, which was opposite the National Hotel.

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