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Gold Coin Mine
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This view shows the Gold Coin Mine in Victor in all its glory. Focusing more on the Shaft-house part of the mine, as it would have been seen from up near the M.T. Depot in Victor. One get to see part of the foundation walls which still for the most part is still there in Victor, with its brick based shaft-house with the stained-glass windows and tower like part over the top of the head frame.VICTOR - The City of Mines, as Seen From the Short Line. Note Granite Mine in the Center of the City.
Photo by: Unknown
My Collection; View is cropped from view 7 in a Postcard Folder called Souvenir Folding Card of the Cripple Creek District.
Media ID: 93
This view shows the Gold Coin Mine in Victor in all its glory, focusing more on the Ore-house. One get to see the foundation walls which still for the most part is still there in Victor, with its brick based shaft-house with the stained-glass windows and tower like part over the top of the head frame. The smokestack is very visible in this view, and in the background, is the Squaw Mountain seen, with the mainline of the M.T. seen just behind the top of the orehouse.59. Granite Mine, Formerly "Gold Coin", Cripple Creek District
Photo by: Unknown
My Collection; Cropped scaled view from a postcard.
Media ID: 92
Here is a view of the western side of the pre-fire Gold Coin Mine, most likely a few years before it burned in 1899. The ore-house is marked as "The Gold Coin M. & L. Co.", and while the southernmost part of the ore-house is missing in the view, I still have a pretty nice look at the old wood built mine. To get hold of this view I had to pay a hefty price-tag but such is life.The Gold Coin M. & L. Co., Cropped From #27 - Group Mines in Victor, Colo
Photo by: Unknown
My Collection; Cropped right side view of a 1200dpi scanned Stereoview.
Media ID: 135
I think this view tells the story of the old Gold Coin mine, the one burning this fateful day, quite well! There is a story in a book titled "Cripple Creek District: Last of Colorado's Gold Booms" by Jan MacKell (Collins) where there is included a letter by J.A. Small to his wife, mention how he and unknown others escaped the flames through the ore house via the trestle, over the tracks – same trestle as seen in this view. What a feel they must have had, mine burning down behind them and nothing they can do!
   From a modeling point of view, if one was to wanting to make a model of this mine as before the flames took it, this is giving hints of what was there before the flames took it, hence I wanted to include it.#866 - Gold Coin Mine Burning, Victor's Big Fire, Aug. 21 - 1899.
Photo by: Edgar A. Yelton [21.08.1899]
My Collection; Cropped view of the Gold Coin, from a photograph.
Media ID: 122
This is a scanned poster type of image, it is about 61 x 45,6cm in size with the frame, did not scan that well, also had to be scanned in 6 pieces and put together afterword. It feels a little non-sharp, but figured it is an important view as it does show the Gold Coin as it is being rebuilt with bricks. 
   It is showing many men posing with the engine house part – the north and western portion of it. The big head frame is seen near upper left side of the image, in this copy of the view the top is sadly cut off, but one gets a glimpse into how it looked either way. The platform with the walkway down to the ore-house is seen just above the first story/level of bricks.Gold Coin Mine Getting Rebuilt After Victor Fire of 1899
Photo by: Unknown
My Collection; Photographs.
Media ID: 123
This view, cropped from a long-distance view, shows the eastern face of the Gold Coin Mine in Victor in all its glory, after it sold to the Granite Gold Mining Company, as it is now marked as being the Granite Mine. In early December of 1905 it was in mining journals published news that the Gold Coin had been sold, as part of a 13 acres' land deal, to the Granite company, who seems to have leased the property at least half a year before that time.
When looking at this image it is no wonder Victor was named City of Mines, as this is smack into the town, and no wonder they needed the Columbine-Victor tunnel to get rid of waste rock as there is no room left here for any dumps. In the background is two levels of Midland Terminal grade seen, the lower one is the spur down to its Victor station, and the upper one is the mainline, seen just behind the top of the chimney.Cropped; Victor, Colo., City of Mines -> Granite Mine, Formerly "Gold Coin"
Photo by: Tomer Jacob Hileman
My Collection; Cropped view from a postcard.
Media ID: 95
About center top/down and on the more left-hand side of this view, is the exposed more modern version of the Gold Coin head frame seen. It is a smaller version then the original that was inside the brick structure making up the shaft house. In this view, some of those brick walls are still seen as ruins, and some sheds are put up for the operation of this mine, now as a leased operation I assume. 
   This view is cropped from a postcard by Bill Lehr of Victor from Battle Mountain up near the Ajax mine. Photograph date is possible late 1930's or early 1940's. The postcard has a EKC stamp box on the backside, and Google gives info that this is from the 1939-1950 timespan, and as there are still rails seen, with railroad cars, I assume M.T. is still running, making this also fit the late 1930's and very early 1940's timeframe.Gold Coin Shaft, Cropped From; City of Victor Colo, Altitude 9747 Ft.
Photo by: William H. Lehr [aka Bill Lehr]
My Collection; Postcards, cropped from a 2400dpi scan.
Media ID: 116
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Victor Townsite
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      • Gold Coin Lode - 7407
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        Steam Hoist, Vertical Shaft, Steam Power [Plant], Air Drill & Air Compressor
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